Enoki Mushrooms – An Introduction and Health Benefits

Known by various names, such as lily, needle, or futu mushrooms, the Enoki mushrooms are one of the uncommon types of mushrooms. They stand out because their appearance is a tad bit different than other widely available mushrooms. Enoki mushrooms are found in clusters having long white colored stalks with small caps … Read more

Shiitake Mushrooms – Introduction and Health Benefits

Pronounced as Shee-takki, the shiitake mushrooms are native to East Asia. Shiitake mushrooms hold an eminent value in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisines. These mushrooms are one of the most important ones considering the hoard of health benefits they have in store for us. Due to their health benefits and nutritional value, … Read more

Portobello Mushrooms – Introduction and Health Benefits

Portobello mushrooms are the more mature form of cremini mushrooms. They are one of the most common types of mushrooms available in the stores. Besides being utterly delectable, portobello mushrooms, also known and just portobellos, are the best replacement for meat in our dishes. They have a particularly intense flavor with a … Read more

Cremini Mushrooms – Introduction and Health Benefits

You might just love those little bites of mushrooms making your pasta or soup more delectable than ever, but those mushrooms are not only there to tantalize your taste buds. Instead, they are commonly considered as the most nutrient-packed food than any other in your grocery store. So, the next time you … Read more

A Complete Guide to Different Types of Mushrooms

Whether it is to upgrade the taste of your entrée and take it to a whole new level or to make your creamy soup yummier by adding little chunks of it, mushrooms are the most sophisticated ingredient people love on a menu. Gone are the days when you could only see the … Read more

White Button Mushrooms – Introduction and Health Benefits

There are over 2,000 different edible varieties of mushrooms, but according to a 2014 report, the delicious, chewy white button mushrooms are the most commonly eaten variety throughout the world. Its scientific name is Agaricus Bisporus.  You might find different varieties of Agaricus Bisporus in the market, but they are actually the … Read more