Best Ways to Remove Tan from Your Skin

Your Pune friends have invited you to visit The City of Hills. Without a second thought, you say yes; you are trekking at Vetal Tekdi, the highest point within the city limits. Little did you know how tanned you would get at the end of the trip.

Pune is typically on the hotter all year-round, and there is no escape from skin-related issues due to high UV rays. A recent report reveals that nearly 85% of Puneites develop acne sometime between 12 and 25 years.

But the good news is you get excellent tan removal treatment in Pune, that provides treatments to remove your tan. Here are some of the best-tested methods that you can try, along with natural remedies.


During April-May, Pune is subject to high levels of UV rays, and Puneites get visibly tanned due to the overexposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Since the rays penetrate their skin and affect their DNA, many find tanning causing long-term damages.

It accumulates pigmented cells and increases dead skin cell layers, and the skin problems don’t end at acne. Your skin starts looking pale and dry with wrinkles, dark spots, sunburns, and in worst cases, skin cancer.

However, the right application of some of the excellent home remedies and medical procedures that Pune skin specialists administer can significantly reduce sun tanning.

Topical Applications

Vitamin C prevents pigmentation and brightens your skin. Whereas Vitamin E hydrates and improves the skin’s elasticity. Using topical gels with retinoids and these Vitamins is an excellent option to deal with skin tan.

Guava is rich in Vitamin C; its seeds can be a part of the topical gel compound. The best part is that Pune is known for guava plantation, and so if you are looking for topical gels, try this fruit-based option for better results.

Chemical Peels

When applied on the skin and gently peeled off once the chemicals dry, these mild chemical solutions exfoliate your skin. It rejuvenates your skin, making your skin look smooth and less wrinkled.  You can seek this kind of treatment at Ozderm Clinic as a great option.

You can find these peels in different concentration strengths of chemicals like lactic acid and trichloroacetic acid, to name a few. With Maharashtra being the 7th highest milk-producing state, contributing over 11,000 kilotons, Pune has no shortage of lactic acid.

If you decide to use chemical peels, you can choose options like superficial, medium, or deep, depending on the skin issues you have due to tanning.


If you wish to go for a non-invasive and non-chemical procedure, involving manual exfoliation of the top layer of the epidermis, then microdermabrasion is your best option.

This tan removal treatment in Pune promotes new cell regeneration more quickly than they would, typically. With microdermabrasion, your skin will look more toned.

Laser Therapy

This treatment uses a very mild laser beam, helping to improve the regenerative capacity of skin cells. Reputed Pune skin specialists use Fractional Q switched 1964 Nd YAG laser and recommend this procedure for patients above 18.

The laser beam focuses on the tanned portion of the skin, breaks down the melanin pigment, and minimizes it. This non-invasive treatment stimulates collagen production, increases blood circulation to the skin, and reduces inflammation, improving your aesthetic appeal.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

A recent study in Pune, involving 100 patients with acne, showed that nearly 50% of them experienced stress within the first few months of its onset. In such cases and where the skin condition has minimal downtime, IPL is the best suitable tan removal treatment in Pune.

It is a non-invasive procedure that works on high-intensity light to treat tanned skin layers. It focuses on the lower layer of skin, without affecting the epidermis. The treatment is an excellent option when you wish to remove age spots, wrinkles, freckles.

Most Pune clinics use a chilled sapphire gem, which passes the intensely bright light beam to remove the soft dark spots.

Alternate Options

Did you know Maharashtra is the 9th largest cucumber producer, making up for nearly 5% of the 1,000 kilotons produced every year? Further, Sangli accounts for almost 70% of the state’s turmeric production.

It is hardly 5 hours from Pune, giving the city access to the best quality turmeric. With options like milk, turmeric, and cucumber, you can prepare home remedies that are the most natural ways to treat sun tan related skin problems.

Summing Up

Pune falls under the high-risk zone of UV Index, between 7-10 marks. Also, in recent years, the city has witnessed nearly 40% high-risk level UV rays. Such adverse UV conditions pose a threat to your exposed skin.

It is highly advisable to refer to an experienced skin specialist in Pune to keep your skin young and glowing. Rest assured, you can enjoy your time outdoors, exploring the Pu La Deshpande Garden and other beautiful offerings of the City of Hills.