Best Therapy Clinics in Michigan State

If you suffer from any type of illness, trauma, or any other physical or motor problem, you will most likely need help from a professional physical therapist. Fractures, sprains, or joint problems are truly an ordeal.

Today we will show you the best therapy clinics in the state of Michigan. It never hurts to know where to go if you or someone in your family suffered some kind of injury to any part of the body.

DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

It offers its patients more than 30 facilities in Southeast Michigan. As a member of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), it is one of the most recognized centers in the area. Provides rehabilitation and physical therapy services.

The first-line professionals are at the forefront of the different treatments. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Among some of the programs it offers we can mention:

Sports medicine Cancer Rehabilitation
Women’s rehab Brain injury
Spinal cord injury Cardiac rehab
Pediatric rehab Orthopedic programs
Physical therapy Neuropsychology
Covid-19 recovery program Pediatric rehabilitation

Max Rehab Physical Therapy

If you are looking for a physical therapy center in Michigan, this clinic can offer you first-rate professional services. The physical therapists have highly qualified skills, you will feel the warmth and dedication that these therapists have for their patients.

Located at 5445 Oakman Blvd Dearborn, MI 48126, meters from Hemlock Park, it offers patients comfortable facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Among some of the services we can name:

Work injuries Kinesio taping
Vestibular rehabilitation Mechanical spine traction
Therapeutic exercise Hydrotherapy
Safe pain management methods Balance proprioception training
Advance laser therapy Cardiac conditioning programs

DPT Physical Therapy

One of the best decisions to rehabilitate and treat different physical-motor traumas. Located at 27803 Woodward Ave Berkley, MI 48072, meters from Beaumont Northpointe Heart Center – Berkley. Offers in-person and virtual consultations Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays by appointment only.

It offers various rehabilitation services and programs for all types of patients and of all ages. In turn, the wellness program is dedicated to patients who have been rehabilitated but want to maintain and improve their progress during therapy.

Services offered:

  • Sports Performance
  • 1-on-1 Physical Therapy Care
  • Balance Training
  • Prevention & Wellness
  • Return to Sport Rehab
  • Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Auto / Work Injuries
  • Injury Assessments

Michigan Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Without a doubt, it is one of the specialized physiotherapy centers most visited by patients. With a comprehensive vision of physical medicine, it offers a professional environment and comfortable facilities located at 4401 W 13 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073, between Acacia Park Cemetery and Royal Oak Golf Center Memorial Park.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Timothy Wiater, different professional therapists offer:

  • Physical Therapy Services: Dislocations and joint injuries, dorsa VI wearable sensor movement assessment, fractures, arthritis, headaches/TMJ dysfunction, etc.
  • Occupational Therapy & Hand Therapy Services: Pediatrics, massage therapy, amputations, fractures muscle and tendon injuries.
  • Speech Therapy: Diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of pathologies related to speech and language.

Miracle Physical Therapy and Massage Center Inc

To close our list, we will talk about one of the most recognized centers in the field of physical therapy. This vocational rehabilitation center has its clinics in both Farmington Hills and Warren, Michigan. Check out their Warren facility here:

Whether you want to get rid of physical pain, find a massage treatment, or simply want to improve the mobility of your body, the certified physicians and licensed physical therapists at this center will make your daily life come back better than ever.

The services you can find are:

  • Low back pain treatment
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation focuses
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Car accident-related injuries
  • Pre-habilitation program: Mentally prepare for surgery, normalizing movement patterns before surgery, reduce pain and inflammation, improving muscular control of the injured joint, improved overall well-being and fitness.
  • Post-operative treatments: Manual therapy techniques, flexibility exercises to improve range of motion, gait analysis and training, posture, balance, and coordination training, exercises to strengthen muscles.

Summing up

An accident at work, practicing sports, or simply performing daily actions, can bring us very complex disorders if we do not visit a suitable physical therapist, who helps us not only to heal ailments but also to teach us the way of self-care and prevention.

Today, we can find a wide variety of therapeutic centers anywhere, but it is worth having a reference to the closest ones in your area. Finding a professional can be relatively easy, the thing is when looking for a specialist in the field, and that we feel comfortable, safe, and confident to help us in our physical rehabilitation in the state of Michigan.