Ayurveda Panchakarma Cleanse and Detox in India

Many people in India search for Panchakarma cleansing during their vacations. To seek healing and rest, they look to go on a yoga and ayurvedic healing trip. Most of the time, people search the web with the help of phrases like “Best Panchakarma in the world” or “Best Panchakarma in India.” And they follow the results the internet gives them. But is it worth sticking with these articles provided by the internet?

Well, most of the articles are paid and written to enhance the image of the Ayurveda center, but you must believe in the originals. But this article will discuss the key points you should follow while choosing an Ayurveda School or center for Panchakarma cleanse and detox in India.

1. Knowledge about process

You must know what the process for the particular ayurvedic treatment involves is. This means if you are looking for an institute for Panchkarma then you must know a little bit about it. Panchkarma, as the word is made by joining two words one is “Panch” and another is “Karma”. So Panchakarma means “Five Processes”, that means it must have five tyes of ayurvedic treatments in the process.

2. Know the Ayurveda Physician

If you are looking for a rooted Ayurveda treatment center, then you must look for an Ayurveda center, which is owned by a qualified physician, not by a hotel manager. The best physician comes with decades of experience and education from Ayurveda school. Not each Western doctor could be a specialist, it takes decades of study and knowledge to become a specialist.

The same applies to ayurvedic physicians. Over generations, they develop the treatment plans and medicines to become practiced in treating bound ailments and hunt for people who will cure your specific health concern.

3. Authentic Ayurveda

Authentic Ayurveda is an essential part of many regions such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. where the term “Ayurveda” is more than a medical practice. As per the sacred books, Ayurveda was spread by the Hindu monks and Bhudhists from one nation to another and turned it into a healing practice. For the Authentic Ayurveda treatment, you should choose an Ayurveda center that is old and keeps its secrets only with them.

4. Traning of Therapists

Ayurveda is also bound with the study like any other medical study. Here people need to know about the various herbs, oils, etc., and the healing process to make this working in real life. There are many Ayurveda schools in the world that help those who want to learn this authentic and auspicious healing technology. Make sure the Ayurveda center you are choosing for yourself should have trained and well-educated therapists. Ask for the details of the therapist who is going to heal you to know if you are at the right place or not.

5. Availability of herbs

In India, ayurvedic herbs grow naturally in all regions, which have medical properties to heal all kinds of human body problems. Places like Karnataka and Kerala in South India are rich with naturally grown herbs, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. In India, many ayurvedic center bring their herbs from these unique places to help their customers in healing their problems right away. So make sure that the ayurvedic center must be rich in herbs and use them as healing. Many ayurvedic centers grow their herbs and make medicines from them. These herbal medicines will not only help you to improve your physical health but your mental health as well.

6. Can you do these at home?

Panchakarma and other ayurvedic healing therapies are very authentic and have an intense procedure. It requires so much practice and guidance from a trained Ayurveda practitioner. These therapies are performed under planning and personalized as per different persons. So you cannot perform them at home if you are not qualified and trained Ayurveda practitioners.


Ayurveda is not only about herbs, but it is about the complete lifestyle. You can adopt Ayurveda in your life for healthy living. Ayurveda is filled with many deep secrets to let humans know how to keep their lifestyle organic to stay away from all diseases. 

You need to consider the above stated key points while looking for an Ayurvedic healing center. If you want to become an ayurvedic therapist to help other people, then you can join Ayurvedic schools. They will teach you everything about Ayurveda, and with some years of practice, you will be able to heal others with your skills.