Apps for Students Worth Using

As one of the greatest technological innovations, online applications are extremely effective tools for students to improve their academic performance. Whether it’s the students who shy away from their academic duties and seek help from a reliable custom report writing service like, or those cramming their lectures – today’s young people are fully immersed in the rich abundance of online apps that help them progress through their studies more effectively and freely!

Yes, a modern, digitally inspired college kid is hard to imagine without using mobile apps for studying, which has become one of the main attributes of a regular Gen Z. That being said, let’s take a peek into the most popular apps every student falls for these days.

1. SoundNote

SoundNoteIt’s downright difficult for students to keep pace with a lecturer’s speech, penning all the important information correctly. But with this smart app, this is no longer a problem! With SoundNote, college kids are now able to record their teacher’s lengthy and perplexing speech and get back to it when preparing for classes. This app can capture the entire lecture, turning it into an audio track students can play whenever they need to revise the studying material. Is there any reason not to call this cutting-edge digital tool a true discovery for students?

2. RescueTime

RescueTimeThis incredible application allows students to track how much time they spend on the Web and on every website in particular. Thanks to RescueTime, students can see how big a role the Internet has in their lives and control their time-spending more effectively. With the help of this app, college kids can largely optimize their daily rut, making it more productive and organized. By providing you with automated time tracking, this application helps you focus on the right things, eliminating any distractions that the Web, along with the offline environment, can subject you to.

Develop the powerful skill of managing your daily schedule and find out what online sources capture your attention the most with RescueTime!

3. CampusBooks

CampusBooksFor those tired of having to visit libraries and bookstores on a constant basis, here is an incredible solution – this app allows users to compare the prices for handbooks across different stores, both brick-and-mortar and online stores. Thus, you get to know what store offers the most attractive prices and, subsequently, where you should purchase an item, be it an online book or a classic paper book. Also, this application checks the availability of a book at libraries, providing students with the recommendation whether they should buy a book or borrow it from a library.

4. WunderList

wunderlistMaintaining effective time management and organizing everyday duties are hardly attainable goals for preoccupied students. Overloaded by their puzzling college assignments, students are forced to follow a rather hectic routine, which prevents them from developing the right sense of how to manage their life effectively. But it wasn’t until WunderList emerged in the busy lives of college students that they were given a great opportunity to keep their wayward schedule in proper order! WunderList is about helping users arrange their daily chores in a neat and orderly way. With this app, students can create separate lists with the types of tasks they need to do, set reminders for urgent tasks, and enjoy the smooth interface of this cool application.

Users are also able to attach PDF files, photos, and other important documents to their list so that they don’t miss out on important things.

To Wrap Up

Today’s digital evolution largely facilitates the lives of students. Paradoxically, a student-friendly app is much more likely to help a college kid proceed through their studies than a critically acclaimed yet outdated handbook. The apps we have covered in this article have proven to make the academic ruts of students much more enjoyable and productive. To check the validity of our words, do try out at least one of these smart digital tools and see how college life changes for the better. And remember: for any of these fancy applications to work, you primarily need to work yourself!