Affordable Alternatives to Primer that work just as well

We all know that primer is an essential part of our makeup and is used for priming our skin. Primer acts as a canvas and creates a layer between your skin and your makeup. This prevents your skin from absorbing your makeup. Primers prevent your skin pores from enlarging. Larging skin pores will make the makeup cakey. It also protects your skin from any damage due to makeup.

You can find high-end and expensive primers in the market. But there are a few affordable alternatives that work just as fine as these high-end primers.

1. Serums: There are many face serums that look transparent and work as the perfect makeup base on your face. You can check out Critik’s list of best face serums in India to find one that’ll suit you the best.

2. Aloe Vera gel: It has a silicone like consistency and seeps into your skin quickly. Your face might look oily since aloe vera is a sticky gel which is why it is a good alternative. The gel will stick to your face. The best part of using the aloe vera gel is that it makes your skin soft and smooth making it easier to apply the foundation. 

3. Lacto Calamine Lotion: This calamine lotion is present in everybody’s homes. It is easily available. Who ever knew that this lotion could be used as an alternative to primer. This will also protect your skin from redness and swelling. It is a water based product. This comes in two variants- one for oily skin and the other for dry skin. 

It works best on oily skin. It will absorb the oil on your face and give you a matte look. It also works as a nourishing lotion. It will keep your makeup fresh and you can notice you do not need several coats of your base makeup. One coat of base makeup is sufficient.

4. Glycerine: Glycerine has a very sticky-liquid like consistency. It contains a large percentage of oil hence use glycerine in small quantities. There is a possibility of the glycerine giving you a greasy, oily look.

5. Moisturizer: You cannot use any moisturizer of your choice. The moisturizer has to be thick and cannot be liquid-like. On applying the moisturizer it should leave your face sticky and oily. Of Course you can wipe off the extra oil before you do your makeup.

6. BB creams: BB creams are cheaper and more affordable in comparison to primers. You can choose a BB cream of any brand and it will work just as well as a primer. It gives a really good coverage. I would recommend you to choose a BB cream that has sunscreen qualities too. A BB cream with SPF 30 and PA+ will do.

The advantage of choosing such a BB cream is that you skip the sunscreen in your makeup regime. This BB cream will be 2 in 1, a BB cream and a sunscreen. It would be like using two products for the price of one.

Generally BB creams are light on the skin. You will not find it heavy. It will not make your makeup cakey. Instead it will actually leave a glow on your face. So you do not have a primer at home but you do have a BB cream, go ahead and use it as a primer and you will not regret it.

7. Men’s after shave balm: Another affordable and easily available alternative is the men’s after shave balm. You can find them at any chemist’s store. This might come as a surprise to you but it works as a primer. Several makeup artists use a men’s after shave balm as an alternative to primer.

It will moisturize your skin as it contains aloe vera gel in it. It also contains Vitamin E which is extremely good for your skin. Not to forget how it brightens up your skin.

8. Vaseline: Yes, Vaseline! We all know how waterproof vaseline is. Vaseline is a thick sticky cream that will form a layer on your face. This works too, for the same reasons as mentioned above.

DIY Primer

Alternative to buying expensive primers that have chemicals present in them, you can make your own primer. The only ingredients you will be needing are- aloe vera gel, glycerine and sunscreen.

Many of you might be confused about what to apply first sunscreen or primer and what follows. Now, you have a product that is three in one- a moisturizer, a primer and a sunscreen. It is affordable and safe since it is homemade.

Now let us get started with how to make the primer. Add two spoons of aloe vera gel in a container. To this add  half a spoon of glycerin. Make sure you do not use glycerin in excess. It will make your primer extremely greasy and instead of helping your foundation stick to your face, it might actually slip off. To avoid this from happening use glycerin in small quantities.

Add half a spoon of sunscreen into the container now. Make sure you are using a good sunscreen. Any sunscreen above SPF 30 and PA+ will work. Use a sunscreen that will suit your skin. The sunscreen you choose depends on whether you have oily skin, dry skin or a combination skin.

If you want a tinted primer then you add one or two drops of liquid foundation to this mixture. Add the foundation that best suits your skin tone. This step is optional. To keep your primer as chemical free as possible avoid adding the liquid foundation. 

Mix all the ingredients well and you have your primer!! You can store this primer for months. Store it in normal to cool temperature.

As you can see none of the alternatives were expensive. They are all pocket friendly! Also none of them contain harmful chemicals. If you find it unnecessary to make your own primer then don’t. Just use a single alternative product. To compare what works best for you try each alternative every time you do your makeup and you will know.