7 steps to cure your hangover

The hangover is the indication from the body, which reminds us about the alcohol intemperance. The hangover is a group effort of the symptoms like headache, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, and shaking which result from drinking more alcohol than your body can tolerate. Hangovers or “too much alcohol” varies from person to person. 

 Drinking disarranged the hormones which control our biological hours, this results in a hangover, and it feels like jet lag. So far, there is no single magic potion that can cure the misery of a hangover. But here are a few steps that can shorten the symptoms or help in hangover relief.

 Good Breakfast:

 Nutritious breakfast is a well-known cure for a hangover. This will help control the body’s blood sugar level, as low blood sugar can cause some hangover symptoms like weakness and fatigue. 

 Intemperate drinking can unbalance all the chemicals of the body and increase acidity. This also can result in fatigue, vomiting, and nausea. 

 Also, something like chicken noodles will provide minerals and proteins required to the body. 

 Hair of the Dog:

 The hair of the dog means to drink alcohol which will help the body to get over the shock of drinking. While this may sound illogical, according to the experts, the hair of the dog will reduce the symptoms of the hangover. Eventually, this is not the best idea to cure the hangover, as when you stop drinking, the alcohol level will return to zero, and the hangover will return. If you are tempted to do so, then you need to play smart.

 Try a Virgin Mary if you drank the last of vodka last night. Also, you can try the Blood Mary, as the blood will start dealing with the new alcohol, it will eventually ignore the old one. Make sure the drinking is low-key, or it will get worse when you sober up again.

 Drink water or juice:

 Drinking more alcohol will make you urinate more, resulting in dehydration which is one of the major causes of a hangover. If your hangover includes vomiting and Diarrhea, then things can be even worse. 

 Increasing the water/juice intake will help alleviate some symptoms and prevent dehydration. One can also go with the thumb rule: to drink a glass of water with a drink. This will not help you stay hydrated but will lessen your alcohol intake. 

 Get plenty of sleep:

 At this point, sleep is a good friend; this is all that the body requires. If the hangover is terrible, you will have to cancel all your obligations and extend your sleep for one or two hours. This is not a recommendation, but the hangover will get worse with the lack of sleep. 

 Good sleep will also help to overcome all other symptoms like headache and fatigue and recover your body from excessive drinking. 

 Hangover Packet:

 After a night of drinking, all you might need is a booster that will rehydrate and restore all the electrolytes lost by being dehydrated. Electrolyte imbalance can also extend your hangover and increase the symptoms like nausea and vomiting. 

The best way to get relief from your hangover is to take a powdered electrolyte mix in the first place the next morning. These packets will keep the body hydrated and restore all the electrolytes reducing the symptoms.

 Take a Shower:

 After plenty of sleep, the first thing to do is take a cool shower. This will wake up your senses and freshen you up. Make sure not to take it to an extreme level, as a shock can make things worse. Some people recommend mixing the hot and cold water in the shower, which is not a bad idea. 

 Avoid pain killers:

 It is believed paracetamol on the top of a lot of alcohol will help to avoid the headache. But according to science, the painkiller or paracetamol you consume after the alcohol will give your liver more work; this can affect the liver. As the drug you have taken might interact negatively with your alcohol. 

 Also, paracetamol and other painkillers are only effective for a couple of hours, so by the time you wake up, the effect may have worn off. 

 The bottom line:

 These are the seven best cures for the hangover, which are backed by science and experts. The primary strategy includes plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and taking certain hangover packets to reduce symptoms. 

 Note that this information shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. If you have a worse hangover, contact a certified professional to help you to eliminate your hangover symptoms.