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7 Benefits of Tomato For Beauty and Healthy

What are the Top 7 Benefits of Tomato For Beauty and Healthy

The tomato is the edible, often red fruit/berry of the nightshade Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. The species originated in the South American Andes and its use as a food originated in Mexico, and spread throughout the world following the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Its many varieties are now widely grown, sometimes in greenhouses in cooler climates.

What are thehealth Benefits of Tomato ?

Here are some amazing 7 Benefits of Tomato For Beauty and Healthy ;

  1. Launched and Healthy Digestive System. One of the advantages of tomato that is a source of fiber that is needed by your body. So, for anyone who wants to stay healthy digestive system and smoothly, start by consuming the red fruit.
  2. Protect your skin and body skin. This is because, the tomato is a source of lycopene. Lycopene content in tomatoes serves to prevent tissue damage skin caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  3. Strengthen Bones In Body. This is because, the fruit is a good source of vitamin K, which can prevent loss bone or better known as osteoporosis.
  4. More Effective Cancer Prevention. For those of you who want to avoid the various types of cancer such as prostate cancer, mouth, throat, stomach, colon, and ovarian cancer, routine start to consume tomatoes .Karena tomato lycopene in tomatoes is very effective in preventing a variety of cancers.
  5. For Preventing Diabetes Naturally. Chromium content in tomato fruit is able to help balance blood sugar levels in your body. So it is more stable and does not endanger the health of your body.
  6. Sharpening your vision. Sources of vitamin A in tomatoes serves to maintain eye health and is able to see the organs of power sharpen one’s eyes to the various objects in the vicinity.
  7. Strengthening and Beautifying Your Head Crown. Sources of vitamin A in tomatoes can nourish the hair and strengthens the hair from root to tip

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