6 ways to stay healthy and fit

The New Year is coming around within a month or two, and one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to be healthy and fit. But as many people know, it’s easier said than done.

Wishful thinking usually isn’t enough to keep people motivated. And as such, staying or becoming healthy is one of those goals that start to slip through the cracks pretty quick after the New Year. So, how does one stick to a healthier regimen?

One of the best ways to make sure you stay on track is to start small. You don’t need to begin by telling yourself to go to the gym four times a week or to cook food every day.

It’s easier to start with smaller changes. This way, you’ll be more likely to stick to them.

Staying healthy and fit isn’t just about doing a lot of healthy things, it’s more about developing a healthier lifestyle and mindset. 

Making big changes is harder because they’re more taxing on our daily lives. For example, imagine trying to cut out sugar from your diet entirely. Now instead, consider the idea of simply picking a less sugary choice every time you go to a coffee shop or a dish that comes with more greens at each lunch outing. 

See the difference? 

It’s hard to make big changes because we’re so accustomed to the way we live. It’s like breaking a bad habit or trying to restart your behavior. A better approach is to slowly lean in start incorporating changes one by one – and soon enough healthier habits will become second nature.

For many people, when they’re slowly starting to give up on being a more healthy and fit human being, they forget why they made it a goal. It’s easy to push off being healthy, especially if you aren’t dealing with any significant health problems on a day to day basis. 

In other words, if you’re not especially unhealthy, it can be easy to forget why taking steps to be healthier is so important. 

Staying fit and healthy is important because it not only affects your physical health but also your mental health. And being healthier and more fit can help you perform at your best maximizing your potential to succeed and be happy.

So, if you’re looking to stay healthy and fit, here are six ways to do so:

1. Drink more water

Staying hydrated is something that many people tend to forget. It’s easy to think that you’re hydrated when you’re not thirsty. But in reality, you should be drinking water regularly and throughout the day to keep your body at top form, not just hydrated enough to not be dehydrated.

If you want to try drinking more water, investing in a reusable water bottle can help. Having it with you at all times of the day, and being able to refill it, helps a lot of people turn drinking more water into a healthy habit.

Kool8 produces an incredible reusable water bottle. It’s insulated, durable, and eco-friendly, meaning that it’ll last a long time and truly fulfill the role of reminding you to drink water. 

2. Healthy snacks

Pack some healthy snacks in the morning before you head to class, work, or start running errands. Bringing fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent you from spending a couple of dollars on a bag of potato chips or a candy bar from the nearest vending machine. 

Even if you’re not a regular snacker, just having a healthy snack nearby might encourage you to eat it. This would help you take in more vitamins and minerals throughout the day. 

3. Track your progress

One way to stay motivated is to set goals and work on meeting, if not beating, them. To do this, many people have looked to a step counter. Knowing how many steps you’ve walked or run each day can help you not only stay focused but also excited.

According to Cool Things Chicago, wearing a pedometer can add insight and enjoyment to your routines.

4. Protect your skin

Protect your skin with sunscreen or SPF-infused lotions. Making sure your skin is protected can prevent diseases like skin cancer. It can also help your skin stay clear, soft, and hydrated. 

Regularly applying sunscreen can also help you look young and healthy since it protects your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These UV rays are partially responsible for skin discoloration, wrinkles, and many signs of aging.

Since many people aren’t the biggest fan of sunscreen, substituting your face lotion for one with SPF can be an easier way to incorporate more protection from the sun.

But sunscreen might not be enough. You should also consider finding shade or wearing clothing that covers large areas of skin when the sun’s rays are especially strong.

5. Get more sleep

Something that many people are guilty of is getting less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep. It’s easy to start watching some YouTube videos or reading a book and suddenly find yourself up at 3:00 AM and having to get up in four hours for work the next day.

Sleep is vital. Your body needs rest so that it can keep functioning and recover from long days of work and exhaustion.

6. Be more active

Try incorporating more physical activities into your week. An easy way to do this is to plan events with friends and family. 

Many people tend to enjoy hiking. It’s a relatively low-cost activity, and you can use it as a vehicle to spend quality time with loved ones. 

It’s also a great opportunity to get out in nature, breathe in some fresh air, and see some beautiful sights.

If you’re looking to get into hiking, check out this great article on hiking basics. It goes over the packing essentials as well as tips and tricks for making sure your trip goes smoothly. 

Hopefully, after reading through this article, you can see yourself incorporating at least two or three of these into your life. Remember, it’s important to go in with a positive attitude and remind yourself why being healthy is crucial. It can also be helpful to put less pressure on yourself to stick to your changes so rigidly let yourself figure out how incorporating healthy habits best fits into your lifestyle. 

While there are probably a couple more ways to lead a healthier life, these six should give you a solid starting point. And you don’t have to follow all of them. They’re just suggestions, and some may be more relevant than others.