6 Morning Yoga Stretches to Help You Start Your Day

Yoga is a great way to start every morning. Here are some morning yoga stretches for you to try to help wake you up and feel energized.

Are you wondering how to set a positive tone for your day?

If so, you should consider doing morning yoga stretches to wake up your mind and body. Doing a few restorative yoga poses in the morning will also help to clear your head and expel any negative energy you may have going into the day, creating a blank slate for a positive day to arise.

Whether you’re super new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for ages, we have come up with some poses that anyone can do in the early morning. Keep reading below to see what the top morning yoga poses are.

1. Forward Fold

You’re going to start this position in the mountain pose. From mountain pose, go ahead and take a swan dive down to the ground, making sure to hinge at your hips.

Keep a slight bend in your knees as you hang from your hips. People either let their arms dangle down or grab both elbows to secure them, swaying side to side for movement.

You can stay in this pose for however long you like. Remember to take slow, deep breaths while in this pose.

The Forward fold is a great morning pose to help you get into a meditative mindset. This will help you to have a clean mindful slate for the day and will lead to happier and more productive days overall.

2. Mountain Pose to Side Bend

Take a nice long inhale and extend your arms to the ceiling, making sure you’re reaching through your fingertips. Then go into a mini backbend and exhale as you’re bending.

As you come back to a natural spine position, inhale slowly. After straightening yourself, go ahead and bend to the side. Go ahead and repeat, but stretching to the opposite side. Every time you bend left or right, ensure you’re reaching through your arms the entire time.

This stretch will help you to loosen up your body in the morning and help it to transition from sleep to wakefulness easily. These positions will also help prepare and wake up your mind for the day ahead.

3. Downward Dog

Downward Dog is probably the most popular yoga pose. This is because it’s easy for anyone to do from beginners to experts.

One of the best parts about Downward Dog is that you can go into this position from almost any other morning yoga pose. You can even start your routine in Downward Dog.

To enter this pose, go ahead and exhale while bending over. You will have completed this bend when your back is flat, not fully bent over. Inhale again, and then exhale as you plant your palms on the ground.

Take a step back, and you will now be in the Downward Dog position. This pose is excellent for early morning routines because it’s easy and will help you set the stage for other poses.

4. Thread and Needle Pose

While on your hands and knees, take a deep inhale and reach your right arm up towards the ceiling. Exhale slowly and bring your right arm under your left arm with the palm facing up.

You should allow your right shoulder, cheek, and ear to rest gently on the mat. Make sure to keep your left arm in a reaching position while ensuring your hips are raised.

You will exit this pose the same way you entered it, by slowly removing your right arm from under the left and raising yourself from the mat. You will then want to repeat it on your left side. This pose is great for stretching the whole body and waking up all the joints and muscles.

5. Cat and Cow

To do the Cat and Cow pose, you will need to begin the position on your hands and knees. The best way to start this pose is to think of your body as a tabletop, back straight, and level.

On an inhale, you will arch your spine, making sure to lift your chest, eyes, and tailbone towards the ceiling. On an exhale, you will then pull your stomach in and round your back upwards. Make sure to tuck your head and tailbone downwards.

Repeat this ten times to really give your body and mind that jolt of energy needed for the day. The Cat and Cow will help stretch your muscles and prepare you for the day ahead.

6. Twisted Lunge

To do this pose, you should start by being in the Downward Dog position. This will help get your body in the right position to do the Twisted Lunge.

From Downward Dog, go ahead and exhale while bringing your right leg up to where your right hand is. As you’re stepping forward, lift your right hand towards the ceiling and twist your body. Your foot should be where your hand was, and your torso should be turned towards the leg brought up, with your face looking towards the ceiling.

Keep your left hand firmly planted.

Hold this pose for a few seconds and repeat on the other side. This pose is fantastic for working the spine and will help you set the impression of good posture for the rest of the day.

It’s also a great morning pose to do with others. If you’re really into yoga, you should find a yoga retreat to share your passions with others.

Now You Know Some of the Best Morning Yoga Stretches

We have given you a list of the top morning yoga stretches that you can do to get your day started.

Each of these poses can be used together, or you can select one to do in the morning to wake your body up for the day and to stretch your muscles.

Keep in mind, not all of these stretches are perfect for beginners. Start with the stretches that you feel comfortable with, before trying out those that are a bit more challenging. You can work your way up to those!

For more yoga tips and information, be sure to check out the rest of our website.