5 Yoga Poses For Kids That Will Build Strong Foundations

Whenever you’re trying to impart a strong foundation to your kids, it’s up to you to teach them skills and tools that will be helpful. Something as simple as teaching your kids yoga can revolutionize their lives. 

There are several benefits of yoga that your child will appreciate. Yoga for kids is a great way to make your children stronger, more flexible, mentally healthy, and secure. It all starts with some easy yoga poses for kids to set the foundation.  

So what are the best posts? What benefits do they bring? We’re happy to explain further. 

Here are some yoga poses for kids that you should teach your children. 

1. Cat and Cow Pose

The cat pose happens when a person gets on all fours and rolls their back outward and upward, tucking their chin into their chest. This pose reverses into the opposite direction in the cow pose. With the cow pose, you’re tilting your chest downward and rounding your back by leaning your forehead skyward and the back of your head toward your shoulder blades. 

These poses help your child stretch their neck, back, and shoulders, while also opening up their thoracic cavity. 

2. Downward Dog

With this pose, your child starts on all fours, then raises their buttocks to the sky, while keeping hands and feet on the ground. This forms an inverted triangle, and improves circulation while building muscles in the arms, shoulders, legs, and back. 

Make sure that your child focuses on their breathing while holding this pose, and eases into it rather than taking it to the extreme at first. 

3. Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is an excellent way to stretch out the entire front side of the body. It starts by lying face down, and then pushing up with your hands and looking skyward. 

It is excellent for improving posture and training yourself to breathe deeply and fully.  

4. Standing Forward Bend

It’s important to develop healthy habits for stretching your back and legs. The standing forward bend is an excellent way to do that. School is where kids begin a life of sitting down for hours on end. By getting a good stretch from time to time, their bodies will be more limber and they will stimulate healthy thoughts and mental clarity. 

Be sure to breathe fully while slowly stretching forward, while allowing a slight bend in your knees. 

5. Easy Pose

Sometimes you need a break to just sit and breathe. Teaching your child the easy pose gives them a designated way to do this whenever they need a time out in their lives. 

With this pose, your legs are crossed evenly, the spine is straight, and the hands rest on the knees. This opens the body up to fully relax and breathe in through nostrils and out through the mouth. 

Adding yoga to your child’s life will be an absolute game-changer for their health. Take the time to consistently find resources that will be helpful. Make sure you always look online for advice and products that can improve the wellness of your entire family. 

Teach These Yoga Poses For Kids

When you teach yoga poses for kids, your children will be healthy, strong, flexible, and well-adjusted. Start training your child in yoga now and it will carry them far in life. 

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