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5 Health Benefits of Meize (Corn) for Pregnant Women (During Pregnancy)

What are the Health Benefits of Meize (Corn) for Pregnant Women (During Pregnancy)

Maize, known in some English-speaking countries as corn, is a large grain plant domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica in prehistoric times. The leafy stalk produces ears which contain the grain, which are seeds called kernels. Maize kernels are often used in cooking as a starch. The six major types of maize are dent, flint, pod, popcorn, flour, and sweet.

Sweet corn is a special maize variety in which its tender, delicious kernels eaten as a vegetable. In contrast to traditional field corn, sugar corn varieties are harvested when their corn-ear just reached milk stage, and used sooner since its sugars tend to quickly convert into starch. Corn is native to Central American region, which later introduced to the rest of the world by Spanish explorers.

Genetically, it differs from the field corn by mutation at the sugary (su) locus. Its crop has achieved a major success as one of the important commercial cash crops in many tropical and semi-tropical countries.

Here are the Health Benefits of Meize (Corn) for Pregnant Women (During Pregnancy) ?

Corn has become our daily food but most of us do not know the benefits of corn that is extraordinary. In addition to good taste, corn is also rich in nutrients and can treat various diseases.

1. Nourish the eyes
Corn contains carotenoids which reduces the risk of damage to the eye in old age. Not only good for the mother, corn is also good for eye health support babies in the womb.

2. Maintaining the health of the placenta
Maintaining the health of the placenta during pregnancy is not easy. By eating regular corn we can maintain the stability of the placenta. Potassium content in corn is quite a lot to keep the fluids in the body so that the placenta cells gated.

3. Complete nutrition of pregnant women
Corn is rich in Vitamin B complex is useful for nerve health. Corn is also rich in minerals such as magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and selenium. Benefits maize separately nutrition of pregnant women here can maintain overall health. The agency also is not easily tired, tired and sore with corn meal on a regular basis.

4. Good to fight cancer
Corn is rich in antioxidants, it is also effective against some types of cancer such as breast cancer and liver cancer.

5. Good for skin health of pregnant women and Baby

If it has been processed into oil, corn can be used for beauty products. This does not violate the rules because since the first parents already know about these benefits. For babies after birth is also superior skin soft and not easy to trace could get injured.

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