3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Routine

Scientists are fairly unsure of why exactly people need sleep, while people are entirely sure why they need rest. We need to refresh and recharge our batteries and replenish our energy levels. And, above all, a good night’s sleep just feels fantastic. There’s nothing quite like waking up refreshed and relaxed, getting that first big stretch of the day that wakes you up and adds a certain pep to your step. However, for many people out there, a good night’s sleep is elusive. It’s hard to find for people with insomnia, people with bad habits and shoddy mattresses, etc. If only everyone could get a good night’s sleep, there may be a lot less crankiness and hatred in our world daily.

So, how can one improve the quality of their sleep? Plenty of literature is available online that will give you tons of different tips and anecdotal advice to help the average person get to sleep. What we want to do here is bottle things up for you, so that you’re not wasting your time. We’re going to go with the top three things that you can do to really improve your sleep routine.

The Top Three Ways to Boost Your Sleep

1: Disconnect from the World

The first big thing you can do to improve the quality of your sleep is to disconnect from the busy world around you. Most people have a television, a computer, a smartphone, and other devices. Many of us will keep texting and texting and browsing Netflix until which point we’re ready to fall asleep, and then we’ll toss and turn and blame our sleeplessness on insomnia. In actuality, it’s because our brains are just too wired to fall into a state of REM sleep. So if you want to sleep better at night, unplug from the world around you on a set schedule.

For instance, if you need to get up early in the morning to go to work, and thus want to get to bed at around 11 p.m., it’s essential for you to shut off all your gadgets a few hours each night before you get to sleep. Resist the urge to check your social media. Wait until the next day to catch up on that latest episode of your favourite show. Sit down with a book, a warm glass of milk, and relax before you sleep, allowing your brain to shut off so you can rest well.

Get a Great Mattress2: Get a Great Mattress

Visiting a mattress store, either on location or online, is another great way to improve your sleep. A lot of people don’t realize until they make the change, but actually having a more comfortable mattress that supports the body is a fantastic way to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and start sleeping on a fixed schedule that will improve your overall sleeping habits. There is a lot of competition out there, so make sure that the gel memory foam mattress  you’re thinking about getting matches your individual needs.

Some people have bad backs, and joint and muscle issues, so they need a lot of support in their mattresses and are looking for something firm yet comfortable. Other people cannot stand to sleep on the stiff, springy beds, so they want something that’s very plush and luxurious. Some people have hypoallergenic issues with a lot of materials, and that’s what’s keeping them awake. So make sure you’re selecting the proper mattress for your needs.

3: Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Bad diets generally have an accumulative effect on us, not an immediate one. Like rising levels of blood sugar or cholesterol deposits, these are things that happen over time. Though when you’re eating a lousy diet loaded with sugars and processed items and chemicals, you may “feel” this in the way of not being able to sleep comfortably. Your digestion churns, your blood runs a little hotter, laden with sugar, and it keeps you awake, and you may not even be sure why. You know you can’t sleep. You should eat a better, balanced diet, and try to not eat anything at all at least a few hours before you sleep

There are some excellent mattress store options online for you to check out, and it’s pretty easy to shut off from the world and to stop snacking before bed. If you can do these few things, you can sleep a lot better.