3 Safety Tips for Keeping Your Family and Medication Safe

Each year, more than 60,000 children under the age of 6 go to the hospital emergency room for poisoning after consuming an adult medication left within their reach. However, we all know medicines as a life savior and something that helps in improving our health. Still, several prescriptions and even your medical marijuana can affect your child’s health negatively if not kept out of their reach. Therefore, to keep your medicines and family protected, we have come up with a few safety tips that will keep your child out of harm’s way and your medication safe and fresh.

Out of Reach and Sight

The best thing you can do to keep your child safe is keeping your medicine out of their reach and sight. Use dispensary bags with safety locks and keep them somewhere your kids can’t reach. However, keep in mind that safety locks are child-resistant and are not always child-proof.

To make it child-proof:

  1. Put all your medicines and vitamins in safe storage.
  2. Make sure your kids are never alone with your medications.
  3. If you are not giving or taking the medication and for some reason, you have to leave the room immediately, take medicine with you.

Taking or Giving Your Child the Medication

When you are consuming medicines, do it in your bathroom or away from the general areas of your home. If you accidentally spill the medication, clean it immediately. It’s because medicines with higher potency require more excellent care and attention. For many painkillers and opioids, even a small dosage can prove to be dangerous for your health.

Also, be aware of the correct amount of dose you are giving or taking. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wrong medication has caused the maximum number of emergency visits due to medication dosage errors, and young children were given the incorrect dosage of medicine by mistake. To avoid such mistakes, use a dropper for the medication syringe and avoid regular kitchen spoons as they are not standard sizes and are not suitable for measuring medication.

Avoid Trivial Medicines

Use medication that helps treat symptoms (like a lingering cough) only if your child demands it, and never to a baby under two years. Moreover, continuous use is never recommended. Consult your pediatrician before giving such medication to your kids.

Moreover, medicines that help your kids deal with the symptoms of fever are not always necessary. As you must know, fever is just the body’s mechanism to fight infection. Giving such medication to your kids is only a way to provide them with some comfort, and they are not necessary if your kid is not uncomfortable. So when you keep your kids away from such trivial medication, you protect them from all kinds of effects that a potentially harmful medicine can have on them.

To Sum it Up

There are many ways of ensuring your kid’s safety. However, the tips that are mentioned above are some of the most important ones. Moreover, providing your kids with the benefit of protection will help them live a healthy life and happy life. So make sure you give your kids and other family members the love and care they deserve.