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2 Kiwis a Day Keeps Depression Away

2 Kiwis a Day Keeps Depression AwayA group of New Zealand researchers recently published findings that indicate 2 kiwi fruits a day can have “mood enhancing” effects on young adult males.

The study was published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and compared intake of kiwi between 2 groups of 35 males totalĀ – one group got 1/2 a kiwi per day for 6 weeks and the other received 2 kiwi fruits per day for the same period of time.

The participants’ mood profile scores were analyzed and the findings suggest that people with higher baseline mood levels who ate 2 kiwis per day experienced:

  • 38% lower chance of baseline mood disturbance
  • 38% decrease in fatigue
  • 31% increase in “vigour”, and are
  • 34% less likely to experience depression

Some of the benefit may be attributable to the high vitamin C content of kiwis. Vitamin C has health-promoting antioxidant properties, and one kiwifruit has 64 mg vitamin C, more than 100% of your daily value.

On top of that, eating 2 kiwifruits a day – the suggested dose for the “mood enhancing” benefits – provides just over 4 grams of fiber, giving you about 1/6 of your daily needs.

So whether its for mood boosting, vitamin C, fiber…or just because they taste delicious, adding kiwifruit to your fruit repertoire might not be a bad idea.

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