What Healthy Toppings Can You Add to Pizza?

A box of pizza makes time with families and friends more enjoyable. While some believed that pizza is another unhealthy choice of food, this is not entirely true. Critics and naysayers mostly focused on the fat from the cheese and toppings and huge amounts of calories from the crust, that they forgot of some practical ways to overturn the pizza’s overall components to make it into a healthy one.

“Just like any other food, it’s about how you make it,” says Angela Lemond, RDN, co-owner of Lemond Nutrition in Plano, Texas.

In short, you can change the pizza into a healthy choice of food by coming up with an alternative way of doing it. A guide to pizza can also help you understand the best choices of toppings, base, and crust.

By changing the pizza’s toppings, crust, and even the sides, you can have control over its nutritional value. Making your pizza at home is an initial step to do this.

A 12-inch pan-crust pizza is typically loaded with more than 29 g carbohydrates per slice, some 14 grams (g) fat and 5 g saturated fat, and 286 calories, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) aid. And if you double your order, then you can imagine the harm it would bring to your body.

Thus, it is recommended that you use whole wheat pizza dough as a substitute for your usual pizza dough. For your pizza base, try using chickpea crust, zucchini, eggplant, or sweet potato. Instead of the traditional cheese, you may use dairy-free cheese as an alternative. You can also try using hummus or pesto as your pizza base.

For the toppings? The good news for pizza lovers is that there are wide arrays of toppings that you can try to turn your pizza into a well-rounded and healthy food.

Other ways for best healthy pizza toppings


Nothing beats vegetarian pizza toppings. When it comes to selecting your toppings it’s best to have fresh vegetables due to their low calorie and rich nutrients. You can start with squash. It will not only bring bright color to your toppings, but it will also add a different texture.

Garlic, onion

Garlic and onion add lots of flavor to your pizza without the extra calories and fat. It will bring a delightful aroma, especially if they are roasted up perfectly.

Red pepper

Red peppers bring more color and texture into your toppings. Adding fresh or roasted peppers will surely bring a different kind of flavor that explodes on your palate.


Broccoli…and more broccoli, please! When it comes to your pizza toppings, broccoli is difficult to beat. It’s loaded with iron, calcium, potassium, protein, and fiber.


Mushrooms are the best substitute for sausages and other processed meats.


Pears and extra crunchy walnuts and gorgonzola on the toppings? Do it and you will have a sweet and savory pizza experience!


Protein and fiber-rich cashews bring a unique texture to your toppings.


Add corn and pair it with fresh squash, other summer vegetables, cheese, salsa, and black beans on your Mexican pizza toppings.

Butternut squash 

Try roasted butternut squash for your pizza toppings! It will bring sweet, caramelized flavor.


Artichokes are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. It’s an excellent choice for your pizza toppings.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts bring an additional flavor to your toppings. Not to mention, pine nuts are perfect if you think of your pesto pizza.


This leafy green will add more raw freshness to your toppings. It’s delicious and undeniably loaded with nutrients.


Add fresh slices of tomatoes to your toppings. The sweet, ripe slices of tomatoes bring additional richness to the flavor. You can pair it with a dash of mozzarella, then you’ll have a magical, mouth-watering pizza toppings experience!


Pineapple is always a fine choice on your toppings. Its sweetness can easily go with any other ingredients in your pizza. Hawaiian pizza, anyone?


Peppery arugula gives a fresh and magical savor to your topping. Don’t forget to sprinkle as the pizza come out of your oven.


Add tofu on tour pizza. It’s rich in protein, thus an excellent alternative to carcinogenic processed meats like sausages.

Black beans

Black beans are loaded with fiber, protein, and other nutrients. This adds a certain kind of magical flavor, especially if you’re thinking about Mexican pizza.


Figs are rich in minerals and vitamins. It brings extra flavor when you pair it with honey and goat cheese.


Instead of sausages, add protein-rich eggs on the toppings for breakfast pizza.

Sweet potato

As we all know, sweet potatoes bring an extra load of texture to your toppings. You can partner it with pureed vegetables, too.


Grill some peaches and put more honey on them on your pizza toppings. You’ll have a pizza and a dessert in one!

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