Buffalo Wing Popcorn

Buffalo Wing Popcorn

Need a last minute Super Bowl snack that will rock your Super Sunday with fiber and fire? Look no further than Buffalo Wing Popcorn. This spicy caramel popcorn from Bon Appetit is the easiest, most delicious way to incorporate that timeless whole grain: popcorn. Popcorn by itself has 4 grams of fiber … Read more

Dorm Room Diet Done Right

Colleges and universities are back in session, and that means students are busy stocking their dorm room refrigerators. As students are gearing up for a new school year – many have questions about how to eat healthy on campus without gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15”. Here are some tips for staying lean … Read more

Bare Fruit: The Next Best Thing to Fresh Fruit

It’s better to eat your fruit than to drink it. And it’s usually better to eat fresh fruit than canned or dried fruit. But Bare Fruit Crunchy Apple Chips throws this recommendation on its head…because these dried fruit chips are actually as good for you as real, whole apples. Whereas most apple … Read more

Super Bowl Snack Makeover: Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites

Super bowl is almost here, meaning Americans are getting ready to get together, cheer…and gorge. This Super Bowl Sunday – why not lighten up your snack offerings with this quick and easy Buffalo Chicken Bites recipe? 3 super easy swaps make this recipe a fan favorite that’s delicious and not that bad … Read more

Smart Food Resolutions

If you’re like more than 40% of Americans, chances are you’re going to be making at least one New Year’s resolution soon. But did you know that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions actually succeed? Here are some simple tips for making your Smart Food Resolutions STICK this New Year: Plan Ahead … Read more

Ancient Grains Gobbledygook

Ancient grains are having their day in the sun…and rightly so: grains like quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and spelt are being “rediscovered” and lauded for their nutrition benefits and whole grain attributes. In their pure form, these whole grains are good sources of fiber, B vitamins and other minerals and nutrients. But as … Read more

The Doctor is In!

Doctor Kracker is at it again. Hot on the tails of their delicious high-fiber crispbreads (featured in a previous post here) comes a smaller, bite-sized snack, the Doctor Kracker Culinary Crisps. If you like Asiago cheese, you’ll love these! A 10-cracker serving gets you: 130 calories 2.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated) … Read more

Snacking: Fruit is First

According to the market research firm NPD and their Snacking in America report, the top 3 snack foods in the US are: Fresh fruit Chocolate Potato chips That’s right people – fresh fruit beat out chocolate and potato chips as the most popular snack in America! More data from the report found … Read more

The Lovely – and Potentially Lethal – Lupini Bean

If you’re looking for a legume to enlighten your life – check out the Lupini Beans. Lupini beans – also called lupin – were prolific in the ancient Roman diets and in the countries of the Mediterranean region. Today, because of the labor intense process required to soak and detoxify the bitter … Read more

Cutting Corners with Popcorners

Consumers are often surprised to learn that popcorn is a whole grain. That’s right, if you take away the liquid butter and seas of salt – popcorn is on its own, a wholesome, healthy snack. So then why put it in a chip? Well, the folks at Popcorners saw the potential to … Read more

What the Hull? Popcorn Highest in Antioxidants

Popcorn is one of America’s most favorite snack foods, and it has been enjoyed all over the world for thousands of years. It is not only the world’s oldest snack but also all-natural, unprocessed with no additives, GMOs, or hidden ingredients. In addition to that, popcorn is high in fiber and has … Read more

Peanuts Are Legumes? You’re Nuts!

Originating in South America, peanuts are a legume. They are offered by different names such as earthnuts, groundnuts, and goobers. Peanuts are one of the most popular dried fruits and are mostly eaten raw. The same is the case with the United States as well. Peanuts are offered as roasted or as … Read more

Peeled Snacks – Packin’ Fiber

You know the feeling – the, “How did I not know about these/that?!” feeling…right now, Peeled Snacks are my these/that snack! I first read about Peeled Snacks in an Inc. Magazine article blurb entitled “The Small Joys of Family Business”. The next day, I saw them at a Starbuck’s in Hoboken, NJ; … Read more

Doctor Kracker to the Rescue

Any fiber fanatic can tell you that a whole grain cracker that doesn’t taste like cardboard is a rare find. On a recent Virgin America flight, I came into first contact with Doctor Kracker’s Organic Seeded Spelt Snack Flat – an impressive commercial application of some lesser-used whole grain ingredients. The seeded … Read more

Kellogg’s FiberPlus Antioxidants Bar

With the introduction of their FiberPlus Antioxidants bars, Kellogg’s is going head to head with General Mills’ popular FiberOne bars. Previous Kellogg’s bar offerings didn’t have much in the way of nutrition: the Special K Cereal Bars had less than 1 gram of fiber and just 1 gram of protein for 9 … Read more

Stacy’s Pita Chips: Whole Grain Hoax?

If you’re like me, you like a high-carb, nutritionally void snack every once in awhile. Enter Stacy’s Pita Chips. Somehow, pita chips have gotten a not-altogether-deserved “health halo” in the consumer’s eye. They’re usually only slightly healthier than regular chips, due mostly to the fact that they’re baked (with some fat added) … Read more