The Skinny on Potato Skins

The Skinny on Potato Skins

Carb smart consumers know when you’re sizing up starchy foods, “If it’s white…walk away!” We’re talking white bread, white rice, white pasta, white crackers…and then someone inevitably asks, “But what about white potatoes?” For many fiber fans, white potatoes are the exception to the walk away from white foods rule. In fact, … Read more

Fiber Food Additive to Fight Appetite

Every fiber fan knows that fiber makes you feel full. But there comes a point when you can only rationalize so much roughage! Well – lucky for you, scientists in the United Kingdom have isolated a food additive that promotes satiety, and its name is proponiate. A small study published in the … Read more

Portion Controlled Pasta by Granoro

Like any fiber loving carbo-phobe, I enjoy a good pasta. Problem is that the calories in pasta can add up pretty quickly. Enter Granoro brand’s Tagliatelle Verdi. Probably without even trying to, this authentic Italian brand pasta is automatically portion controlled. Each individual ball is 1 oz or roughly 100 calories, making … Read more

Potato Eaters Put on Pounds

A recently published study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that those who eat more potatoes weigh more than those who don’t. On average, an extra serving of potatoes per day compared to the baseline study population’s intake equated to a 1.69-pound weight gain over four years. Potato chip eaters weighed an … Read more