The Benefits of Cashew Nuts

raw cashew nuts

The tropical, evergreen cashew tree produces the cashew fruit and the cashew nut. We have covered the cashew fruit here.  The cashew tree is native to Brazil and was exported by the Europeans to Southeast Asia, where it is widely cultivated today. The cashew nuts are incredibly nutritious nuts that are also … Read more

Peanuts: A Food to Take to Heart

A Harvard study found that people who ate a handful of nuts every day lived longer, healthier lives than those who did not eat nuts. Most people think that peanuts belong to the nut family, but in actual it belongs to the legume family. Since peanuts are grown underground, they are considered as ground-nuts. … Read more

Almonds: A Satiating Snack

Almonds are the edible seeds from almond trees, namely Prunusdulcis. They are among the world’s most popular dry fruits. Almonds are native to the Middle East, dominantly Iran and surrounding countries, but they are widely cultivated in the United States. Many people consider almonds a nut, but they are seeds. The almonds … Read more

12 Fabulous Fiber Finds

Here are 12 fiber finds to check out: 1 – Pears – most fruits have 2-4 grams of fiber per serving, but a large pear clocks in at 7 grams. How to know when your pear is ready? “Check the neck” says USA Pears. 2 – Lentils – these powerful legumes are … Read more

Peanuts Are Legumes? You’re Nuts!

Originating in South America, peanuts are a legume. They are offered by different names such as earthnuts, groundnuts, and goobers. Peanuts are one of the most popular dried fruits and are mostly eaten raw. The same is the case with the United States as well. Peanuts are offered as roasted or as … Read more

Celebrate National Almond Day

After Valentine’s Day, there’s another delicious holiday to celebrate: National Almond Day. Every February 16, almonds are recognized as a versatile, healthy, and yummy treat. Whether you’re eating them by themselves (plain or roasted), using almond flour, milk, oil, butter, or meal – almonds deliver a delicious and distinct flavor along with … Read more