The changing face of workout: top trending fitness machines

The changing face of fitness has reignited the trend of domestic workout. The rise of home-gyms has a close link with the emergence of coronavirus. People spent so many weeks in quarantine that they found solace working out in the comfort of their homes. Creating a home-gym has become an economically-affordable decision in the 21st century. By adding a few amenities, you can maintain your physical and mental health without even leaving the house. Each year has its unique trend of gym equipment and fitness machines. People also have their personalized preferences for cardio, weight, or resistance-training equipment. Let’s discuss the most sought-after machines in 2020.

Top-trending machines for fitness machines in 2020

Outdoor physical activities contribute to physical fitness and mental robustness. Coronavirus has compelled people to reduce their outdoor adventures and pursue domestic means of entertainment. But it doesn’t mean you should completely abandon working out. Fitness machines allow you to simulate outdoor activities without violating quarantine impositions. This exercise equipment doesn’t only keep you healthy; it even slows down the aging process. Some top-trending machines are:

1. Exercise bicycles

Cardiovascular exercises build up your heart muscles and strengthen your body’s blood and oxygen supply. A stationary/exercise bicycle provides secure and effective cardiovascular training. It finds applications for weight loss, physical therapy, and cycle training events. People suffering from some physical injury can use it for rehabilitation purposes. Cycling itself is a popular activity. You can contact for reliable bikes and spare parts. Getting yourself a bicycle decreases body fat, empowers your joints, and makes your bones strong. It also reduces your stress while enhancing your grip, balance, and posture.

2. Chest press machines

Chest press strengthens your upper-body and empowers your arms, chest, and shoulders. There are several variations of this exercise. All of them enable you to switch to more intense workout routines. You can find it a bit similar to pushups. This exercise involves keeping your spine flat to build muscle tissues and strengthen your triceps. A strong upper-body makes it easier for swimmers and baseball players. Chest press also helps you lose fat and burn more calories.

3. Leg press machines

Weight/strength training strengthens your skeletal muscles. You can build squat strength without standing up if you use a leg press machine. This exercise has two forms, i.e., inclined/vertical leg press and cable-type leg press. Both versions help to develop front and back thigh muscles as well as hip muscles. While such exercises have their advantages, it’s essential to do them properly to avoid injury. For example, if one’s knees get locked during a leg press session, they can twist the wrong way. But, if done accurately, a less press machine will also improve your calves’ strength. You can overcome imbalance, a benefit necessary for runners.

4. Elliptical trainers

A cross-trainer allows you to run/walk for cardiovascular strength. Invented in the ’90s, they are comparable to treadmills. These machines permit impact-free exercise and relieve your joints’ burden. The motion can be unbearable for some, and it may take some time to adjust. Weight-bearing activities such as this enhance your balance and strengthen your bones. You can lose fat and burn calories while boosting your stamina and empower your leg muscles.

5. Rowing machines

It provides a total body workout simultaneously. There are different models; some use a pulley while others go for a piston. It’s a great way to lose weight and build your muscles. It helps to increase your heart rate and enhance your oxygen inhale. Suppose you’re a fan of low-impact cardio exercise; a rowing machine the best stuff for you. This exercise energizes you and raises your endurance. It’s an effective and affordable simulation of a boating experience.

6. Stair climber

You’ve probably soccer players running up and down the stairs. Stair climbing has always been a useful exercise to improve your calves and glutes and an exercise you can perform in your house without even buying a StairMaster. How about teaming up with your friend so you both can climb stairs together? Scientists have shown that working out with a partner increases its productivity by 200%. You can buy a machine to simulate this stair-climbing experience. It boosts your stamina and increases endurance. It can even burn around 180-260 calories in half an hour. You can get healthier bones and stronger thigh muscles with a stair climber.

What to consider before buying gym equipment?

There are certain factors you need to consider before buying a fitness machine for your home gym. Making an impulsive decision can sometimes leave you with gym equipment you don’t even need. You have to determine what your fitness requirements are in the first place. Different sorts of machines serve other purposes, vary in size/shape, and come with different price-tags. Here’s a brief breakdown of the factors that must influence your purchasing decisions:

  1. Your budgetary permissions: Fitness machines can range from a few to several thousand dollars. A machine’s function determines its price. For this, you need to check your budget before you decide to buy something. These machines also come in different shapes and sizes. Proper research is beneficial before you finalize your decision. Check consumer ratings for the stuff you’re planning to buy. Spend reasonably on a decent home-gym.

  2. Your workout requirements: What sort of exercise you need right now? Determine your individual goals and objectives before you spend on something you hardly need. Are you looking for weightlifting? Do you wish to go for some cardio training? Purchase something you’ll use accurately. Improper utilization of these machines may lead to physical injury. That’s why it’s essential to buy fitness machines you’re familiar with right now.

  3. Your domestic capacity: Do you have enough space in your home to accommodate this equipment? The domestic area of your residence determines the nature of the fitness machines you can buy. Go for compact home-gym options if you’re living in a smaller house. It’s always important to consider space before making a purchase. It’s essential to use these machines regularly and not show sluggishness when it comes to fitness.


The fitness market didn’t have much to lose from the COVID-19 lockdown; this industry made a massive turnover during the global pandemic. Workout machines and gym-training equipment grew 170% while people were in quarantine. Folks seemed more open about investing in smart equipment for fitness and workout as most gyms were closed. These fitness machines ensure a sound mind in a healthy body. Both mental health and physical well-being are necessary for a successful career. This equipment helps you retain your fitness and improve your lifestyle. Working out allows you to sleep better and reduce stress. A 30-minutes workout session every day has a hugely positive impact on your daily routine.