Yoga Asanas For Diabetes

Often times, the answer to a problem is ridiculously simple that we, yes, overlook and ridicule it. Take diabetes as an example. It would be almost unserious and be considered a joke to say that yoga, a set of ancient India exercises, can cure or relieve diabetes. But when one looks into real scientific experiments and success stories from real diabetic patients who have found their breakthrough in yoga, things start to take a new shape. Right? Before even highlighting some of the most effective yoga asanas that have been recorded to cure diabetes and reduce its chronicity, see below for the scientific studies that confirm the power of yoga over diabetes. Note; after reading this article, check here for power yoga classes at Hot Yoga of East Nashville.

What Scientific Studies Say About Surya Namaskar

Yes, that’s the name of the group of yoga asanas that have been found to be the most effective against diabetes. Otherwise called Sun salutations in the English language, the Surya Namaskara is a complete set of 12 yoga poses that have been the center of various research papers.

One of those papers is the journal titled Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation): A Path To Good Health published on 2016-07-30 by the International Journal Of Pharmacological Research. In it, Surya Namaskar was confirmed scientifically to positively affect diabetes, improve blood circulation, modulate the endocrinal system, benefit the liver, the kidney, the heart, and to maintain a disease-free body.

In another research paper titled A Comparative Study Of Slow And Fast Suryanamaskar On Physiological Function, which analysis the details of the study of the effects of suryaNamaskara on two groups of 42 school children of age between 12 and 16 years of age, a positive effect on respiratory system, kidney, and lungs functioning can be seen.

While all of that are enough evidences, I have explained just 4 out of the 12 Surya Namaskar yoga poses below to keep this article as short as possible. Hopely you’ll be able to find the remaining 6 somewhere else online.

Surya Namaskar Yoga Poses For Diabetes

  • Prayer Pose (Pranamasana); this first pose is really easy. Just stand straight with your two feet close to each other on the yoga mat. Once standing that way, inhale deeply as you broaden your chest with your shoulders relaxed. While still inhaling, raise your two arms from the side and finally exhales as you put your hands together in prayer form above your head.
  • Raised Arm Pose (Hasta Uttanasana); joining your hands together, take a deep breath as you lift your arms while bending slightly backward. Note; keep your biceps close to your ears.
  • Standing Forward Bend Pose (Hasta Padasana); you’ll be breathing out through out this pose. Start by bending forward from your waist with your hands reaching for the floor while your spine remains straight.
  • Lunge Pose (AshwaSanchalanasana); bend down on your knees with your hands close to your feet on the floor. Inhale deeply as you bring your right knee to your right chest. Finally, put your left leg backward, your head raised up, and your face looking forward.