Some of the Best Organic Restaurants of the World

Whenever we talk about travel, other than the thoughts of scenic locations and beautiful people, the memory of eating heartburn-inducing meals also often comes to the mind! Agreed that there are certain indulgences that you cannot miss at all in certain destinations, for instance, Austin’s steaks, Mexico City’s mole, Italy’s pasta and so on, but since finding fresh and organic food has become extremely easy today, why not opt for healthy eating even when you are travelling?! Here in this short article, we have listed out some of the best organic restaurants of the world, right from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Although these might not be your ideal and popular restaurant options if you’ve just won a jackpot (for that you need to look here), these would be ideal if organic and healthy eating is your top concern.

Tokyo’s Daylight Kitchen

The Daylight Kitchen in Tokyo is a huge Natural Foods Café which has emerged as the most popular lunch spot of the city over a period of time. It serves both vegan and meat options. Whenever you visit here you should order their vegan lunch plate, combined with a veg protein option that works as a very filling meal. The restaurant has also made a name for itself as one of the popular dinner destinations, despite strictly stopping serving an hour prior to its closing. So make sure that you reach here well ahead of time!

South Africa’s Zucchini (in Wilderness)

Situated in Wilderness’ Timberlake Organic Village, Zucchini has proven to be amongst the coolest vegan spots of the world today. It serves its unique meals either next to an interior rounded fireplace or out under the sun, making it an ideal location for a joyful yet slow organic meal. When here, you should try their vegetarian platter comprising of meals prepared with organically grown vegetables in the restaurant’s own farm.

India, Mumbai’s Birdsong Organic Cafe

Situated in West Bandra, Mumbai, the Birdsong Café isn’t the favourite of just vegans, it serves a good assortment of gluten-free and organic food too, including fruits, vegetables and meats. You should check out their pastas that are followed up by a huge cookie, baked in-shop. It delivers just the right sugar rush you need to explore Mumbai!

India, Mumbai’s Birdsong Organic Cafe

Mexico City’s Ojo de Agua

There is no one that does juicing better than Ojo de Aqua in Mexico City. It’s a Café situated in the neighbourhood of Colonia Condesa, which offers a good variety of juices. Their Sweet Green Juice is a must-check-out apart from some interesting vegetable and fruit dishes. Diners can opt for a wide range of freshly made sandwiches and salads too.

Los Angeles’ Café Gratitude

Café gratitude is just the right kind of place in Los Angeles if you are after a healthy and quick bite. It’s located at three different places including Beverly Hills, Venice and Downtown LA. Not only will you find a good number of organic goodies such as Vivid Bowl prepared with acai and quinoa granula in this restaurant, the waiter will also ask you to ponder what you are grateful for and share your feelings with everyone at the table!