How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

Thigh chafing is a common skin disease wherein the inner regions of both thighs are rubbing against each other, thus causing unnecessary friction that can damage the skin in those areas. Many people are affected by thigh chafing, but women who wear tight jeans, skirts, and dresses are usually the ones who are suffering from it the most.

If you have thigh chafing, you will notice redness and blisters from the affected part that feels like it is burning. Chafed thighs can be quite painful, and it would often limit your movements as you try not to trigger the pain in your inner thighs. There are several different ointments and creams that can be applied to heal the chafing, but it is much better and less time consuming if you can prevent it from occurring. These are a few of the best ways to prevent thigh chafing.

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Wear Anti-Chafing Bands

An anti-chafing band is an accessory that you wear on one thigh to prevent it from rubbing against the other thigh. For better effect, it is recommended that both thighs should have anti-chafing bands so that there won’t be any friction at all between them.

Anti-chafing bands are perfect for those who are wearing dresses or skirts since there won’t be any garment or textile that will stop the thighs from rubbing against each other. If you already have chafed thighs, anti-chafing bands are also good to wear to prevent the condition from worsening. One of the best anti-chafing bands in the market that you can buy is the Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Bands, which is available in different sizes and colors.

Wear Anti-Chafing Shorts

If you feel like anti-chafing bands may look a little too revealing, then you can wear anti-chafing shorts that can cover not only your thighs but also your private parts and the top of your knees. Most anti-chafing shorts even have a moisture-wicking feature that reduces sweat buildup on your thighs, which allows you to feel more comfortable while walking or running.

However, anti-chafing shorts may not work well if you are wearing jeans or pants, as it adds more pressure to your thighs since both your pants and the shorts are going to be too tight. For those who like to exercise, compression shorts are also good alternatives to anti-chafing shorts since they can provide better moisture-wicking capabilities.

For women, they can purchase the Jockey Ladies’ Skimmies that are form-fitting and comfortable, but men can buy the Temple Tape Compression Underwear that is made with Temp-Dry material to reduce sweat faster than cotton shorts.

Apply Powder

There are many kinds of powder that you can apply to your thighs to prevent it from chafing, but the best one has to be the baby powder. Since most baby powder products are smoother than regular body powder, it is better at stopping friction between your thighs since they can easily glide whenever they bump into each other because of the powder’s smoothness.

For better effectiveness, the baby powder you are going to use for your thighs should be cornstarch-based so that it will also be able to absorb sweat and moisture. If you already have chafed thighs, then applying powder may not be the best option as it can further irritate the affected areas. The MADE OF Organic Calming Baby Powder may be one of the safest options out of all powders because it doesn’t have GMOs and artificial ingredients that may harm your skin.

Apply Thigh Chafing Ointment

Anti-chafing creams or balms are arguably better products to put on the skin of your inner thighs than baby powder because it can also be used while you already have chafed thighs. There are some products that are easy to apply because they have stick applicators, but most creams and balms would require you to apply them using your fingers.

Many ointments serve as lubricants that can stop your thighs from rubbing against each other, thus further preventing thigh chafing from occurring. If you have chafed thighs, anti-chafing liquid products provide protection against further friction that can worsen the condition’s symptoms. The Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm is the most popular anti-chafing product in the market because of its effectiveness that has been proven by thousands of people that have used it in the past.

Use Petroleum Jelly

If you don’t have anti-chafing products available at home, then using petroleum jelly to lubricate your inner thighs is effective in preventing friction. However, petroleum jelly usually doesn’t have the same moisturizing properties as anti-chafing creams or balms to heal chafed thighs, so it should only be used if you have no other options available for you.

On the other hand, petroleum jelly is relatively cheaper than most of the products used for thigh chafing, and it is a great alternative for those who are on a tight budget. The Solimo Petroleum Jelly is an Amazon brand that has been recommended by many people because it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t have the strong oily smell that most petroleum jelly products have

Apply Lip Balm

When you don’t have anti-chafing products and petroleum jelly, then the last option you can do to prevent thigh chafing is by applying lip balm on your inner thighs. While they are obviously made for the lips, lip balm typically provides layers of protection on the skin that stops it from getting damaged; and applying it on the thighs can also do the same thing.

But using lip balm on your thighs should be the last resort, as most lip balms are significantly more expensive than anti-chafing products. It is much better if you can buy creams or balms before resorting to applying lip balm on your thighs.

There are plenty more practical and impractical ways to prevent your thighs from chafing, but these are just the best and most commonly used methods. Make sure to read the ingredients used for the anti-chafing products and see if your skin is allergic to them before purchasing or applying.