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Healthy Halloween Treats That Won’t Bore You to Death

Healthy Halloween Treats That Won’t Bore You to DeathDo you know that 4% of all candy consumed in the US is done so on Halloween? And this year the average American will spend $23 on Halloween candy.

Before the Halloween holiday breaks your bank – and your calorie budget, check out these healthy Halloween tips that won’t bore you to death:

Be Calorie Conscious

Keep Kids on Track

  • Kids are excited for trick-or-treating, but they shouldn’t go out on an empty stomach. Feed your kids a healthy, balanced dinner before hitting the streets for trick-or-treat.
  • Incorporate fruits and vegetables in fun and innovative ways for Halloween celebrations this year. Check out good2grow’s 100% fruit and vegetable juices in spill-proof cartoon character sippa-tops. This is a non-GMO, BPA-free product parents can feel good about that kids actually love!

Be Allergy Aware

  • 1 in 13 US kids has a food allergy. When it comes to classroom Halloween parties, selection foods to distribute that are tree nut free and peanut free
  • Somersault Snacks are nut-free sunflower seed snacks that come in 1/2-oz, 1-oz, and 2-oz portion sizes. They’re perfect for Halloween trick-or-treaters and are an allergen-free option with minimal amounts of added sugars in 5 delicious flavors.

For more information on healthy Halloween tips that won’t bore you to death – check out my segment on Channel 7 NBC San Diego this week.

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