A Teacher’s Guide for Using Yoga to Lower Stress Levels

As many teachers know, stress is a part of the job. Instructors stress about how their students are doing in class and at home, about all of the work they have to do after school ends for the day and about whether or not their teaching skills are up to the district’s standards. Finding ways to cope with the stress is important, and yoga is one of those practices that teachers can try.

Teach Students about Yoga

One way to bring yoga into the classroom is to teach students about this practice. Teachers might start by asking the students how many of them have heard of yoga before and if they have ever tried out the exercise. Another creative idea is to infuse yoga into the curriculum. For example, English teachers might read stories about yoga, and math teachers could infuse yoga into word problems.

Practice Yoga with Students

Teachers could also practice yoga in the classroom with students. Coupled with meditation, yoga can be a calming way to start each morning at school. Of course, teachers should find out if their schools have any rules against practicing yoga in the classroom. Instructors may also need to bring in gym or health teachers to ensure that the practices are done in the proper fashion.

Do Yoga Before Work

When bringing yoga into the classroom isn’t a reasonable option, teachers can engage in yoga practices before they head to the classroom for the day. Getting in exercise before the work day can help people to feel motivated and to reduce stress. Taking the time to do some yoga poses prior to particularly stressful days at work can help teachers to go into the classroom with a calm and rational mindset. Too many teachers know the anxious of walking into the classroom already filled with anxiety due to the anticipation of the day ahead.

Take Yoga Classes

Teachers sometimes get stressed because they feel as though they are always the ones in the spotlight. It’s nice to have the roles reversed and for teachers to have a chance to be students. Enrolling in yoga classes can give teachers an activity to look forward to after a tiring day on the job. Many communities have yoga classes available through gyms, libraries and recreation centers. Taking yoga classes also helps teachers to build a community with peers who share their interests.

Learning to Learn

After years or decades on the job, teachers might start to forget what it actually feels like to be a student. By enrolling in yoga classes, these professionals have the chance to take on the role of a student. In other words, they can gain insight into how people learn. Then, teachers can bring this insight back into the classroom and sharpen some of their teaching methods, which can lead to lower levels of stress for everyone in the classroom. In other words, teachers might learn more effective teaching methods by becoming students again themselves.

Yoga is a powerful form of both art and exercise. People who engage in this practice have a number of benefits available to them. Teachers can look toward yoga as a way to reduce stress, and they have the ability to practice yoga both inside and outside of the classroom.