3 Tips For Feeding Yourself When You Have A Broken Arm

If you have a broken arm, especially if you’re broken the arm that has your dominant hand, doing some of the most basic things like feeding yourself can be a real challenge. So if you’re going to be taking care of yourself rather than moving into a rehab facility or assisted living community, you’ll need to really think long and hard about how to best go about doing this all-important task.

To help you with this, here are three tips for feeding yourself when you have a broken arm. 

Know That Cooking Will Take Longer Than Usual

One of the first things to know about eating when you have a broken arm that you’re trying to heal, or really anything that you’re going to be doing with your broken arm, is that everything is going to take longer than it normally would. 

In most instances, things are going to take about twice as long as they should or as you think they would. So when you go to start preparing food for yourself, make sure you start with enough time to cook and eat. Additionally, before you start cooking any kind of meal, make sure you really think through how you’re doing to be able to do everything required of the cooking with just one hand. Especially if your broken arm or hand can’t do much at all, you’ll need to know how to handle things like chopping, straining, and more as you prepare food. 

Take Advantage Of Shortcuts

While you might have a certain way that you normally do things when cooking food and feeding yourself, when you’re dealing with a broken arm, you’re going to need to take advantage of any and all shortcuts that you have available to you. 

For some, a shortcut when cooking might mean making food in the microwave so that you don’t have to be so hands-on with the cooking. You may also want to purchase fruits and veggies that are already cut so that you don’t have to worry about doing this on your own. 

Choose Foods That Don’t Require Two Hands

When you’re deciding on what foods you want to eat with your broken arm, you’ll want to be sure that you pick meals and snacks that don’t need two hands to eat it. This will usually rule out anything that you need to cut off of a larger piece, big burgers, or things that are hard to maneuver like salads and spaghetti. Rather than these options, try for things that you can eat with only one hand, like soup, sandwiches, smoothies, and other things that you can easily scoop up. 

If you have a broken arm, here are three tips to help you continue to successfully feed yourself despite this injury.