Why Should You Buy Hand Sanitizer Spray Instead of Making It At Home?

Clean hands help prevent the rampant spread of infectious viruses that survive on surfaces for long durations. With hand sanitizers, you have the convenience of disinfecting your palms when there is no provision to wash them. In crisis situations, demand often exceeds supply making it difficult for you to access a hand sanitizer.

Resorting to a homemade version nowhere compares to an effective product made by reputable brands. The sanitizer spray by Kyora for instance, is a non-sticky, high-quality, strawberry-infused, and scented product that contains moisturizers to nourish your skin. It is safe for external use, whether on your hands or even if you want to rid your personal belongings of harmful germs.

With a spray, it is easy to dispense the sanitizer in controlled amounts by squirting enough to disinfect your hands. The bottle is convenient to carry whenever you go out and comes with a reliable seal that prevents leakages.

There are many dangers of attempting to make a hand sanitizer spray at home. These include:

Lacks Quality Control

Medical experts discourage you from resorting to do-it-yourself sanitizer recipes available online. One wrong ingredient or measurement, and you may end up with an ineffective and possibly allergic mixture where the ratio of components is inaccurate.

You are not equipped with a sterile production facility at home to create a quality product that conforms to international standards of quality control. The tools you use in making this concoction may contaminate the liquid substance rather than enabling it to kill germs successfully.

Substitutes Ruin the End Result

The best ingredients are ethically sourced to manufacture quality products. At home, however, you may be tempted to incorporate readily available ingredients. The final product may turn out very different in look and feel from a professionally produced sanitizer because of these substitutes.

Some DIY sanitizer recipes suggest vodka, which has a lower alcohol content than recommended, in the absence of rubbing alcohol. If you opt for industrial-grade alcohol, its potency is much higher and can be harmful to your skin. As is evident, you cannot just mix a few ingredients at home to reproduce an effective sanitizer spray.

Compromises Your Safety

Acclaimed brands have earned a favourable reputation because they strictly abide by the robust regulations put in place by regulatory authorities. Since they responsibly manufacture sanitizer sprays, you get a product that is safe for external use.

When you attempt to create a sanitizer at home from scratch, safety concerns crop up at every stage. Dealing with an explosive ingredient like alcohol is dangerous as you could accidentally cause harm while making the concentration.

Even at the application stage, you may face an adverse reaction if a single step has been incorrectly executed. Replicating unfamiliar steps can cause more harm than good, so it is advisable to rely on the experts rather than experimenting at home.

You cannot verify the endless information available online revolving around methods to make your sanitizer. Each process undertaken by an experienced manufacturer follows a set practice, so you gain access to a reliable concentrate.

Opt for sanitizer sprays by reputable brands like Kyora and let the globally celebrated specialists handle the tricky part so you can enjoy the fruits of their labor.