Why Choose a Primary Care Physician?

Primary care physicians expertise in various medical specialties and give special emphasize on medicines that prevent diseases from developing. The audit shows those who receive regular ace from their primary care physician; they are healthier and are likely to prevent more diseases.

Patients can get preventive screenings that are beneficial for identifying silent diseases by regularly visiting their primary care physician. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes or some types of cancer may not have any noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Primary care physicians catch these diseases in the beginning stage and increase the chances of recovering for the patents.

There are a few reasons listed below for choosing primary care physicians:

1. Proper Routine Screenings

The regular screenings play a very important role in maintaining good health. Medical tests on a regular basis help to catch the symptoms of any disease before they get worse and cause weakening health issues.

Hence, it is very important to keep a record of ones health and stay in touch with their primary care physician. You will get a list of physicians, chiropractors, doctors and other medical professionals on the National physician database. You can note down their details, as you never know, when its going to be an emergency.

2. Lower Medical Expenses

Going to the hospital for regular check-ups with your primary care physician may seem very tedious and a waste of money. But as per the research of the Journal of Health Affairs, the routine appointments with a primary care physician can cut the overall health cost for a patient.

3. Better Care for Chronic Diseases

Several chronic health issues such as diabetes, lupus, and arthritis are very difficult to recognize and monitor by any normal patient. A primary care physician can help a patient to stay organized and monitor his/ her chronic disease properly. But a patient must cooperate with the doctor as well.

He/ she must attend their regular scheduled visit and perform routine visits. These are the two ways that can help a physician to maintain better and resolve the chronic disease of the patient before it spreads and become a major or risky health issue.

4. Higher Level of Comfort

People may not always feel comfortable to talk to strangers, be it their own physician, about their health issues, health care concerns and needs. For them choosing a primary care physician whom they can trust completely is the foremost step. Then scheduling their regular appointments and discussing their concerns and overall health condition is the second step.

Also, the audit of the Journal of Health Affairs shows that patients are more comfortable and satisfied with their primary physician than those without any primary care doctor. The more one visits their doctor, the better their relationship and comfort level becomes with their physician, and the better the care.

5. Better Communication

In this case, there is a two-way communication. And when it comes to ones health, proper and clear communication is very important. Having a firm discussion on your health needs, concerns, and wants is very crucial for the doctor to recognize and understand the disease; and recommending the best medication.

Also, the primary care doctor must feel comfortable enough with the patient, which is only possible by honest conversation, for sharing their concerns and thoughts regarding their health.


Thus, it is very important for every individual to have a primary care physician and opt for regular health check-ups for a healthy and better life. Specifically in todays lifestyle where staying fit and healthy is the primary concern; having a primary care physician is a part of basic amenities.