When Do You Need a Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone, or the male sex hormone is an essential chemical in the human body with both men and women. It is produced in the gonads, which is the testes for men, and the ovaries for women. You might probably already figured this out but there is normally only a faint amount of testosterone in a female’s body compared to a male’s. The testosterone’s main function in a man’s body is to affect how it matures and maintain certain reproductive features. This includes the manly physical traits like the growth of facial and pubic hair, having a deeper voice, and the manifestation of an Adam’s apple. And most importantly, testosterone stimulates the production of sperm cells and it is directly responsible for building up a man’s libido or sex drive. Additionally, the growth of muscle and bones mass is also attributed to this hormone.

It has been proven through research that testosterone production will gradually slow down as a man ages. According to a particular study, one out of five men are likely to have lower testosterone levels when they hit their sixties. The statistic further rises to three out of ten men when the age group is changed to seventy and up. This is the reason why Testosterone Replacement Therapy is slowly gaining popularity as a valued complement to healthy living among men.

A man will experience several changes in his body should his testosterone levels drop from what is considered to be normal. The normal density of testosterone in a man’s body is known to be at 300 nanograms per deciliter. Should a man’s testosterone drop lower than this, the symptoms attributed to low testosterone levels will start to manifest. The test that is used to measure the testosterone levels of a man’s body is called the serum testosterone test. It is a blood test that determines the circulating levels of testosterone.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms that may arise should a man’s testosterone levels fall from what is normal. Using this knowledge, you may consult your doctor and find out if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is right for you. If you are apprehensive about taking hormones and want to try naturally increasing your testosterone first, you should consider the best otc testosterone booster.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy When Your Sex Life Slumps

Testosterone levels play a significant role is a man’s sex life. A man’s sexual urges are largely dictated mostly by this hormone. It is apparent a man’s sex drive or libido is far more potent when he is younger and will slowly decline as they age. This descension is normal and should not alarm you. However, if you think that the fall in your sex drive is too drastic, then you might have a case of low testosterone levels.

Another way that low testosterone levels can affect a man is making it difficult to start and maintain erection. Sex drive is needed for achieving a sexual state but the trigger will not be enough is this state cannot be maintained. Furthermore, having a sexual urge without having the physical ability to perform the sexual act is damaging to a man. It should be noted however that testosterone levels is not the sole requirement for an erection nor is it the only possible detriment for men not being able to get one. However, the stimulation brought upon by the hormone triggers the stimulation of the receptors in a man’s brain. This produces the necessary chemicals that will then allow an erection to manifest and maintain it.

The direct chemical responsible for an erection is the nitric oxide. It assists the triggering of a succession of chemical reactions that is needed for the erection. If a man suffers from low testosterone levels, sexual activity may be impossible. Another possible effect of this predicament are the random and spontaneous erections. This phenomenon occurs during certain times like during sleep.

One of the main issues raised during marital woes is the drastic change in their sexual activity. If you think that your marriage could be affected by this, then you may consider undergoing testosterone replacement therapy as it might just save your marriage.

It should be noted that erectile dysfunction can occur due to a lot of reasons. Low testosterone levels should not be singled out as the sole culprit. In fact, low testosterone levels could be just part of several reasons why a man is having difficulty producing and maintaining an erection. Some conditions that may affect an erection are diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid problems. Other unhealthy activities such as drinking, alcohol abuse, smoking and eating fatty foods that lead to high cholesterol levels are also known to affect a man’s erectile activity. And finally, psychological states like anxiety, depression, and being subjected to some stressors can also be a reason for erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy For When Your Semen Volume is Low

Testosterone has an important function in the creation of semen. Semen is a milky fluid that aids in the movement of sperm cells during intercourse. Semen volume directly correlates to the survivability rate of sperm cells during intercourse. Thus, it is also essential for when a couple is trying to get pregnant.

It is not unheard of for couples to consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy to boost the chances of getting pregnant. The effectiveness of such an approach is of course largely dependent on whether the low testosterone level is indeed the culprit for the low semen volume. There are other factors that may contribute to the low semen volume such as old age and diet.

Get a Physical Boost from Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you are suddenly feeling tired lately even though you have the same workload as you always have, you may be experiencing a deterioration of your muscle mass. This is not uncommon among aging men particularly when they hit their fifties. However, if you think the change is too drastic and somewhat unnatural then you should consider low testosterone levels as a possible reason for the symptoms. Testosterone replacement therapy can then be a viable cure for your predicament.