What You Should Know About Preventing Epilepsy Seizures

Epilepsy can’t be prevented, however, seizures that arise with it can be stopped. Most seizure patients are waiting for a day when they can completely eradicate the condition. With epilepsy as a major cause of seizures, understanding triggers can help you go a long way. Putting in the right measures as discussed below can be a significant beginning to managing epilepsy.


These seizures happen due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The real cause of epilepsy is still cannot be identified, although stroke and severe head injury are suspected culprits. According to the Epilepsy Therapy Project, such causes are common in young adults. This is why you must protect your head with a helmet when riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or any activity that requires head protection.

The good news is that numerous medications and tests such as the ECG-EEG test can help check brain activity. Knowing how your brain is an epileptic will help your doctor to treat and give you tips to manage your epilepsy, as well as reduce the number of times you get seizures. A perfect example of such a drug is an anticonvulsant. Children who are epileptic can follow a ketogenic diet, and low carbohydrate to treat the condition and prevent seizures.

Triggers, and seizures prevention

 If you get epileptic seizures, it could mean you have changed your daily habits or routine. So, what are the triggers of epileptic seizures? Here are some common ones.

  • When you’re stressed, anxious, or dealing with tons of emotional issues

  • Abusing drugs and alcohol, or you are just trying to withdraw from the addiction.

  • Alternating your routine sleep schedules, feeling lethargic, or not getting sufficient sleep

  • Not taking proper medication, hormonal changes, or skipping anti-seizure medications.

  • Trying to solve complex issues leading to mental stress.

It’s not easy to predict when the seizures may happen. Most of the attacks happen unknowingly for no appropriate reason. However, there is a link between a specific behavior and an imminent seizure.

Methods of preventing seizures

The following methods are helpful in epilepsy seizure control.

  • Getting enough sleep with a regular sleeping schedule.

  • Stop your intake of drugs and alcohol and take your medication according to your doctor’s prescription.

  • Stay away from bright lights, or any visual stimuli and skip TV, and the time you spend on a computer.

  • Eat healthy meals for your body to function properly and avoid video games.

There is still not much known about what causes epilepsy, and a permanent cure. However, numerous interventions like the ECG-EEG test have been helpful in an epileptic seizure when it comes to checking brain change activity. Brain change activity is known as epileptiform, which can be seen on an EEG recording. But understanding the triggers is the best method to prevent seizures brought by epilepsy. Once you identify the triggers discussed above, you’ll manage your condition and leave a fulfilling life. It will give you the power to prevent an imminent attack.