What You Need to Know Before Going For Botox Treatment

You might have been thinking about getting Botox treatment, but you’re not sure of what to expect from the procedure. The purpose of Botox treatment is to eliminate wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. Crows feet botox treatment was one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in 2020 and there are numerous reasons why it is so. There are a couple of considerations you should keep in mind before seeking Botox treatment, and we will focus on them in this article.

Be Wary of Where the Injection Came From

The doctor performing the procedure should be an official vendor of the substance being injected for the Botox treatment. Galderma and Merz are some of the top manufacturers of fillers and neurotoxins. There are some manufacturers that offer a tool that lets you search physicians in your locality to reduce the risk of getting contaminated or expired Botox products. All you have to do is to search for Botox Near Me and you will be matched with the right person in your locality.


There are some prices that could be questionably lower than the market price. There are some suppliers that are known to dilute the dosage so as to undercut those that are selling legitimate products. The prices tend to be higher in metropolitan areas. You can call around if you’re not sure about the price range in your area. Ideally, you should ask for quotes from multiple providers so you can have an idea of what you’re expected to pay.

You Need More the Blood-thinning Meds

Most veterans will use anticoagulants such as ibuprofen and aspirin before the treatment. Such drugs are usually used because they hinder blood clotting. There are some things you will need to forego when seeking Botox treatment. These include red wine, ginger, green tea, fish oil, and multivitamins. You should also stay away from antioxidants, although not all of them. Ask the medical practitioner a list of all the things you should avoid at least two weeks before the procedure.


A consultation is crucial before the actual treatment. A professional will start by examining you to assess how the different parts of the face move. There are some st george dermatologists that will ask you to talk about a subject that you’re passionate about so that they can examine the facial movement.

The Bruises can be Undone

For neurotoxins to be effective, finer needs will have to be used. The process is more superficial compared to fillers but there are situations where the injection could hit a vessel. The good news is that medical practitioners that specialize in Botox treatment will also offer vascular laser treatment. That is why it is imperative that you choose a facility that has state-of-the-art equipment which will aid with the treatment so that there is as little discomfort as possible. It is important to know the person who is going to be doing the procedure before the day arrives.

Not All Fillers are Equal

Never opt for silicon no matter how attractive the price might be. It is used occasionally but it is not FDA approved. Silicon is a synthetic material that can’t be metabolized by the body and you will be doing more harm than good when you decide to use it for Botox Treatment. It is also permanent and will not age gracefully with you.

After the Treatment

There are some things that you shouldn’t be doing after the treatment. You’re not allowed to apply make up for a couple of days. You also don’t want to fly after Botox because of the difference in cabin pressure. You need to stay grounded both literally and figuratively for a couple of days.

Early Birds

Contrary to popular belief, Botox treatment is not only for people who are getting old. In fact, you’re likely to get better results when you go for Botox when you’re younger. According to experts, those that are in their early twenties and thirties are likely to witness significant improvements in appearance through a non-surgical method.

To sum it up, Botox is a temporary treatment and you shouldn’t think it will be the answer to all your wrinkle problems. For most patients, it will be a preventive rather than a restorative treatment. The earlier you get it, the more preventive it gets. It will also hurt, just for a little while. Botox treatment is not just for celebrities. You can also get the treatment provided you’re working with an experienced medical practitioner for the procedure.