What Supplements to Take for Hair Loss

As hair loss currently affects approximately 42% of men, it’s easy to understand why so many men are looking for supplementary solutions. Lots of men wax lyrical about the benefits of Finasteride and Minoxidil – and for a good reason – but Sons’ Biotin supplement is also known to help men cultivate a healthier and stronger head of hair in the long run. But how exactly does Biotin work and what do you need to know about this hair supplement? 

Understanding Biotin 

Often referred to as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7, Biotin is a supplement that is known to help men cultivate a healthy and well-structured head of hair. In contrast to other supplements that are used in the hair loss industry, Biotin is 100% natural. Regularly consuming Biotin improves the strength of keratin throughout your body, which is prevalent within your hair follicles. But its benefits don’t just stop with hair growth. 

Biotin may also improve the health and growth of your skin and nails. While it hasn’t yet been clinically proven to regrow hair or treat hair loss, Biotin can undoubtedly improve the appearance of the hair that is currently on your head. By regularly supplementing your diet with Biotin, you will notice an improvement in the condition of your hair, skin and nails. This is great news for people with a Biotin deficiency, as you can say goodbye to brittle and unhealthy hair. 

How does Biotin support the treatment of hair loss? 

Making use of Biotin in isolation might not have the desired effects when treating hair loss. Using Minoxidil and Finasteride is crucial if you want to have healthier hair, as they are scientifically proven to combat hair loss and facilitate regrowth. While Biotin doesn’t come with any scientific credentials, its contribution to the infrastructure of keratin in the body can undoubtedly contribute to the effectiveness of Finasteride and Minoxidil. When used together, the three treatments can put a stop to a receding hairline and help you in your battle against hair loss. 

How should Biotin be used? 

Choosing Sons’ Biotin supplement is a smart move, as it can easily be incorporated into your daily routine without any hardship. It is also delivered to your front door in discreet packaging, meaning your nosey neighbours won’t know that you’re undergoing treatment for hair loss. The supplement is in tablet form and should be taken once a day and is best ingested before or after eating one of your meals so you don’t forget to take it. It’s so important that you’re consistent with your doses, as missing out will cause the treatment to be less effective. 

As Biotin has the potential to improve the structural quality of your hair, you should be mindful that it doesn’t actually stop the degradation of hair follicles or the process known as miniaturisation. To equip yourself with the best possible treatment against male pattern hair loss, opting for Sons’ Non-Prescription Plan is a good way to go about it.