What is PEMF Technology?

As musculoskeletal pain and chronic health problems are more prevalent than before, innovative therapies have been introduced to deal with them. If you carefully view MacSons Health, you may easily realize the work and commitment devoted to developing such muscle pain treatment. PEMF technology stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology and, alongside Biofeedback, are the main physical therapists’ treatments for acute and chronic pain.

How Can Electromagnetic Fields Be Associated With Pain?

There is a lot of electromagnetic energy in nature. Every moving molecule that comprises ions is a moving electrical charge and produces a certain electromagnetic pulse. More molecules moving towards each other or hitting other targets can form the so-called Electromagnetic Field (EF). It’s a mainstream form of communication between muscle cells and other parts of your body, like the peripheral nerve endings.

The natural EF existence has a certain frequency. Body cells know that frequency a lot better than us, and it’s important to be aligned and stable for you to be in perfect shape. Changes in the EF frequency could either disrupt the pain balance or restore it if it has been compromised.

Scientists have studied PEMF therapies for many decades, and magnetic therapy with EMF signaling has been the most popular treatment for musculoskeletal pain. It’s a non-invasive technique that brings back the lost chemical and magnetic balance in muscles and nerves. Now let’s take a deep dive into the actual meaning of PEMF therapy.

How Does PEMF Therapy Positively Affect Your Body?

Every single organ and cell mass indeed creates a separate and distinct electromagnetic field in your body. By applying the PEMF device to your body, you increase cellular activity by changing the sequence of these magnetic fields. External factors like fatigue, environmental pollution, solar radiation, and stress negatively impact the tranquility of your body’s magnetic fields. 

PEMF technology uses low-frequency electromagnetic fields to penetrate your body mass in the form of pulses. That makes it easier to control and gives you the essence of dosing that is so important in such therapies. These pulses stimulate chemical changes in your body organs, especially your muscles, nerves, and tendons. 

Applying the PEMF pulses therapy in several muscle targets makes them work better and alleviate pain. That happens thanks to fixing chemical imbalances and the alignment of all the magnetic fields using the PEMF pulse energy. The permanent allocation of the internal magnetic fields towards a more natural function could gradually increase the self-healing of your body tissues and take the painful feelings away.

Are There Any Side Effects Related to The PEMF Therapy?

PEMF pulses are a safe therapy without severe side effects. Since it’s a non-invasive technique, patients cannot experience any pain or inflammation related to the specific area where the therapy is applied. The curret PEMF protocols include a certain time of magnetic field pulse application to the wounded parts of the patients’ body. PEMF can cause the apoptosis (death) of some useful bacteria in your gut on rare occasions. That, of course, can be easily anticipated by adding a certain dietary supplement to your daily nutrition program.

Scientists are finally proud that PEMF therapy has recently gained FDA approval. Many double-blinded studies have been organized and executed by the PEMF device companies to show the non-inferiority of PEMF therapy to other remedies for pain like drug use and physical therapy. It’s now globally acknowledged that electromagnetic pulses could offer significant benefits to patients suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain that physicians couldn’t ease with surgery or medications.

How Easy Is It To Have PEMF therapy?

As mentioned before, PEMF therapy is non-invasive, and you only need to visit your therapist’s office twice a week. During the therapy session, you would be asked to sit on a comfortable medical chair and remove all the metallic objects you are wearing. 

The therapist will apply a pad on your back and several sensors (that are quite painless) on the rest part of your body. The therapist initially measures your magnetic fields and adjusts the PEMF magnetic pulses to increase their energy and frequency gradually. You may sit tight and read a book for a whole hour of treatment, during which you may feel relieved and feel the energy passing through your body cells and improving your painful feelings.

After your sessions, you may also choose to have a massage or traditional physical therapy since you may feel relaxed and ready to do so. The PEMF therapy is safe for all adults and teenagers, offering them the chance to improve the energy flow in their bodies.