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Walmart Knows What’s Great for You

Walmart Knows What’s Great for YouWalmart has unveiled their new “Great for You” logo and food identification system. Intended to help customers “instantly identify food options that are better for them”, the logo will begin appearing on food items, including fresh and frozen and packaged fruit and vegetable products this spring.

Full details of the inclusion criteria can be found here, but single ingredient foods that qualify meet these standards:

  • Whole fruits and vegetables and 100% juices, or
  • Unflavored, low-fat or nonfat fluid milk or yogurt, or
  • Protein foods meeting the USDA’s definition of lean, and
  • Fats, oils, nuts, seeds and spreads with < 15% calories from saturated fat

Combination foods can include:

  • Grain food that is 50% or more whole grain with 3 g fiber or 8 g whole grain, or
  • Low-fat or nonfat dairy product, or
  • Protein foods meeting the USDA’s definition of lean, or
  • Mixed dishes with 2 or more servings of vegetable, fruit, whole grain, lean meat or lowfat dairy, and
  • Total fat < 35% calories, no trans fat, <10% calories from saturated fat
  • Less than 380 mg sodium
  • No more than 25% calories from added sugars

Right now the list of foods with the seal is limited to Walmart’s Great Value and Marketside product lines; but look for more foods clamoring to bear this grocery behemoth’s blessing in the near future.

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