Uses, Types, Facts – Know Medical Marijuana Like Never Before

Medical marijuana is also known by its technical term, “medical cannabis” which is essentially the same thing. It is a herbal drug derived from the genus cannabis. The biggest advantage of this plant is that every part of it can be used in some medical treatment either to treat an underlying disease or its symptoms.

Medical cannabis has a long history of uses ranging from pain relief to cancer management. Up until a few years ago, there was a general lack of awareness about this plant among a large portion of the population. Gradually, scientists and physicians woke up to its medical benefits and the way it can positively impact regular users in their everyday lives.

Medicine And Herbal Cannabis Go Hand In Hand

You can easily find numerous pharmaceutical drugs that are based on cannabis and various forms of this herbal plant for different diseases and health issues. Regardless of this, the use of this plant for medical purposes remains highly controversial. For example, cultivation and possession, consumption of cannabis is illegal in the United Kingdom.

However, in the US, several restrictions have been reviewed in the majority of the states regarding CBD products and marijuana use. Its medical use is legal in 36 states, allowing for doctor-prescribed cannabis use without any restrictions.

Understanding The Workings Of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis

You will be surprised to know that the human body is capable of producing chemicals that are quite similar to medical marijuana in function. They help you overcome pain and inflammation and stay happy. Endorphins are one such example.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Medical Marijuana?

You know the best part about growing medical marijuana through Hydroponics and consuming it is that its side effects or any ill effects thereof are very limited and minor. All you are going to experience regardless of whether you are consuming it for the first time or not are the following:

  • Occasional dizziness which is going to go away soon
  • A little bit of drowsiness
  • The worst-case scenario will be short term memory loss
  • A feeling of euphoria which is not anything bad
  • You might also experience anxiety and psychosis which are very rare and short-lived

Throwing A Little More Light On The Medical Uses Of The Cannabis Plant

Regardless of what form or part of the cannabis plant that you have chosen, it is helpful in the following medical conditions significantly:

  • Chronic pain management in adults
  • Relieving symptoms of nausea and vomiting
  • Managing pain after chemotherapy and radiology
  • Helpful in relieving symptoms of multiple sclerosis
  • Helping you with your low appetite
  • Getting rid of Tourette’s syndrome
  • Getting rid of anxiety in some individuals

CBD And THC – The “Controversial” Composition

Cannabis contains at least 120 active ingredients or cannabinoids. The most abundant is cannabidiol which is also called CBD. The second in quantity is delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol which is simply addressed as THC. Both these chemicals produce similar effects and are available in various forms including:

  • Oils and lotions for application on the skin
  • Capsules to be taken as a supplement
  • Paste to be used in food items
  • Gummy bears and candies to be enjoyed like a snack

Medical marijuana has a lot of benefits for the human body, especially if you are struggling with chronic medical conditions. Consume it wisely and under supervision to help keep all your symptoms at bay.