Top Reasons Why Foot Massagers are Good for Plantar Fasciitis?”

The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue also known as ligament, which is the connector between your heel bones to your toes. It is a very important part of your foot, which mostly faces heel pain. The arch of your foot is guided by it. Actually, you feel pain in your plantar fascia when you try to force on it that makes your plantar fascia weak, swollen, and inflamed, then it produces pain and hurts your foot and doesn’t let you stand or walk.

Now in this article, we will point out what is plantar fasciitis, symptoms, causes, and how to get relief from pain by using best foot massager for plantar fasciitis as other people do. We will also answer your most desired question that you asked us most of the time. Are foot massagers good for plantar fasciitis?

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the bad condition of your plantar fascia. When you put too much pressure on your feet, your plantar fascia gets weak, swollen, and inflamed, then it produces pain and hurts your foot.

Symptoms and Causes


The most usual symptom of plantar fasciitis is the pain in your plantar fascia. The pain actually started from your heel; you will feel like your tissue of the ligament is tearing apart. If you don’t take any proper action, then the pain will increase gradually day by day.


Your every impact of walking, running, and standing is directly related to your plantar fascia, it absorbs all the forces you put on your feet. Except while you are sleeping or resting, this part of the body is always busy at work, and when you put too much pressure on it, the plantar fascia gets damaged and occurs plantar fasciitis. There are many reasons to work behind your plantar fasciitis. These are given below:

  • Your age, age is one of the key factors of plantar fasciitis when you get older, your ligament tissues/ plantar fascia get weak and become unable to take pressure on your feet, and it is common in 40 and 60 years.
  • Exercise like walking, repeatedly running impacts on your plantar fascia.
  • If your feet are flat, high arches, or your tight calf muscle.
  • Getting overweight, being pregnant anything like this, which put more pressure on your feet.

Are foot massagers good for plantar fasciitis?

After spending a long time in your work, your plantar fascia absorbs a lot of pressure, and that causes sometimes pain on your feet known as plantar fasciitis. Now the only thing you will look for a way to relieve your pain. And the good news is a foot massager is works superb to relieve your pain.

Let’s talk about how a foot massager can help with plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful situation for you, and foot massager could be a gift for you. The features of foot massager like heating, vibration, and rolling will improve blood circulation to your feet and leg.

Improve blood circulation and vanish your stress

The circulation system o foot massager improves your blood flow and spreads your blood to the other organs. You should take at least 10 minutes of therapy per day to remove your plantar fasciitis pain. This way, it enhances your health and makes you relax and stress-free.

Help with your fallen arches

If your feet are flat, you will often face pain on your leg and feet. While you walk or run, your fallen arches tend to roll over to the inner side, and it is known as overpronation, which may end up with plantar fasciitis. If you do a regular exercise with the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis, you will overcome plantar fasciitis and able to reduce pain.

Instant pain killer

Plantar fasciitis causes too much pain in your feet; even you can’t move one place to another place because of intolerable pain. At that time, if you take a massage from a foot massager, your pain will vanish like magic.

oxygen and nutrients

Your foot pain will decrease when you take an excellent massage on your foot, which supplies oxygen and nutrients in your feet. It’s important to find a good massager. Because a good foot massager always comes with the exclusive feature and providing oxygen and nutrients on your foot muscle is one of the common features of a foot massager.

Stretches tight muscles

Foot massager helps to loosen your tight muscles, which is one of the main reasons for plantar fasciitis. When you take a massage on a continuous basis, you don’t let your muscles get tight, so it reduces the possibility of plantar fasciitis.


Can you use a foot massager too much?

Answer: Yes, you can use your foot massager several times a day but don’t use it more than 30 minutes once and don’t use a body massager in a particular area for more than 15 minutes.

Is walking bad for plantar fasciitis?

Answer: Yes it is, walking increases the pain that you feel plantar fascia, you should walk less until your pain reduces or stable.

What causes plantar fasciitis to flare up?

Answer: There are many things that could increase the pain of your plantar fascia, but in simple words, anything that puts too much pressure on your feet flares up the pain on your plantar fascia and causes plantar fasciitis.

Final thought

When you put too much pressure on your feet causes plantar fasciitis. In such a condition, you feel too much pain in your feet that you can’t even walk. There are so many treatments that you could take to get rid of it. But it is a type of problem that takes a long time to cure; at that time, what would you do with this pain. One thing you could do, which will help you to reduce your pain and remove plantar fasciitis from your feet faster way that you can take continuous massage therapy by a foot massager. Thank you for reading this article, if you have any questions left, feel free to ask us.