Tips for Preventing Lice

Head lice are a common problem for children. Once a kid has had one or more shampoos or baths and been exposed to a louse, they are susceptible to developing head lice again. To help prevent a re-infestation or spreading it around to others, the following tips will help stop a re-infection:

Remove all the nits from your child’s hair. Missing some individual nits is an easy way for children to get a constant infection, since lice constantly hake out and continue to spread to other hair follicles. With just a quick snip of a comb or with a small tweezers, you can remove the small red bumps that cause head lice prevention to become difficult. Although this may seem unimportant, it can literally save your child’s life, preventing serious problems down the road.

Get rid of long hair. One way to prevent head lice in children is to get rid of long hair. Kids with long hair tend to shed the dead skin cells regularly, leaving them more susceptible to lice. This also applies to children with curly hair who often use curling irons to get the curls out of their hair. The heat from the irons can melt the wax, making the hair brittle and more susceptible to breakage.

Use natural products instead of harsh chemicals. It might sound counterintuitive to try natural remedies, but natural products are actually the best way to treat and prevent head lice. Even some commercial shampoos and sprays contain harsh chemicals that may be damaging to the skin. For example, a common chemical in shampoo is sodium laureth sulphate, which may be linked to cancer. Natural products have fewer harsh chemicals, fewer side effects, and they are less likely to cause cancer or irritation.

Wash clothes often. If you want to get rid of head lice, it’s important to wash clothes frequently. Keeping clothes and bedding in the sun can be harmful, so limit your time in the sun and limit your exposure to dirty surfaces and materials. Also, using an anti-bacterial detergent when washing and drying your clothes will help prevent the eggs from hatching.

Avoid head-to-head contact. One great way to prevent head lice eggs from hatching is to avoid head-to-head contact with anyone. If you know that a child in your household is dealing with this problem, limit your contact with them. You might also consider wearing a hat, or trying to avoid coming into physical contact with someone who might have head-to-head contact with you.

Avoid over-the-counter treatments. These remedies are effective for some people. For others, they don’t work as well. When using these remedies, it’s important to remember that the treatment may not work if your hair accessories aren’t cleaned properly, or if you don’t thoroughly wash the hair accessories between treatments. Also, many people find that they don’t actually clear up their condition if they continue to re-infect themselves, since lice often live on the hair accessories and in the hair shafts.

Look for alternative remedies. Some parents turn to herbal medications for a head-to-head cure for head lice. If you do decide to try herbal remedies, make sure to research the herb and the ways it can be used before you use it. Also, be aware that some herbs can have some unpleasant side effects and that they may not be effective for children, or in treating adults for that matter. It’s best to research all options, then choose one that has been proven to work for several parents.

Treat head lice using natural remedies. Children often love to scratch because it helps them feel creative. However, scratching can sometimes cause more damage than it fixes. There is nothing wrong with kids wanting to scratch, but it’s a bad idea to let them scratch where it might get them infected. Instead, parents should encourage kids to visit their doctor for advice on how to get rid of head lice. Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment can be recommended to get rid of the lice.

Try using natural oils. Natural oils like coconut oil are a great way to soothe the itching and burning that can come when kids are dealing with an itch or rash. They can also soothe irritated scalps, and relieve the discomfort that comes from scratching. Applying a bit of coconut oil to the rash is an easy way to stop the itching, and the oil can be applied right away. This is a simple solution for parents who want to ease the discomfort of their kids while they work on getting rid of head lice.

Another tip for parents is to reward children who do well with small red bumps that look like icing. This is a good incentive for kids to keep their scalps clean. Some kids will even bring home crayons or other objects to help decorate the bumps. This is a great incentive for parents to reward good behavior. When these small red bumps disappear, the child will feel good and parents will get some satisfaction from helping to eliminate head lice vs dandruff.