Tips for Choosing a Bible Study

Thousands of Bible studies are available, and it is often difficult to determine which study to choose. However, a proper Bible study encourages you to use God’s Word to learn scripture, find answers to questions and speak with God. As you research Bible study information, consider the following tips.

Your Goals

As you prepare to start a Bible study, consider your goals. Is there a specific topic you want to study or a need you have? Do you have questions about different aspects of your life or the Bible? Did you hear a pastor or teacher make a claim you are unsure or want more information about? These are all great starting points.

Next, consider your time. How much time can you dedicate to your Bible study each day, week or throughout the study. For example, if you have a few short weeks before you start a major project, you may not want to choose an 18-week study, and if you can only dedicate one hour per week, don’t choose one with lengthy, in-depth lessons.


As you research the available Bible studies on your topic, be sure to research the authors you are interested in. You may choose authors you have enjoyed in the past, but what if you are interested in a study with an author you don’t know about. Check the author’s credentials, which may be found on a personal, professional or publisher’s website. Then, identify what denomination the author belongs to. Does this denomination align with your beliefs? Finally, do the author’s beliefs follow scripture?

After you investigate the author, investigate the Bible study you are interested in. Look at the customer reviews. If you can, flip through the study to determine its reliance on scripture. Is it full of scripture references, or does the author base an entire lesson on one scripture? Choose a study that encourages you to read the Bible more than the author’s words. In addition, choose a study that poses thought-provoking questions that may require further Biblical research and meditation.

Consult Your Group

After you have researched your prospective studies, consult with your study group. Present the information you discovered to the group and encourage them to conduct additional research. Discuss the study, author and topic openly. You may also consult your religious leader or pastor.


Of course, you should be praying throughout the process, but especially as you are narrowing down your choice. Allow God to lead you in the study you should choose.

Bible studies are wonderful tools for learning more about the Bible and God. Choose a Bible study that will help you grow spiritually.