Three Reasons Why Using Natural Soaps Are Better For Your Skin

Soaps are sold in various shapes and sizes, unscented or scented, and with or without colorants. You get different types of soaps, for instance:

  • Facial soaps
  • Antimicrobial soaps
  • Deodorizing soaps
  • Beauty bars, and more.

We all use soap on a daily basis for washing hands or taking a bath or shower. Not all soaps however are manufactured in the same way. Generally, there are two primary kinds of soaps: commercially manufactured soaps and natural handmade soaps. Natural soaps may be more expensive to buy;however, they have many benefits associated with overall well-being and health.

Why Is It Referred To As Natural Soap?

Natural soaps are created using many natural resources, which can also include organic ingredients. The soaps are generally made with a combination of plant-based oils and butter that contains antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Natural soaps can also be enriched with other ingredients that is derived naturally from earth, for example:

  • Clay
  • Salts
  • Essential oils
  • Botanical extracts

Those with sensitive skin will especially benefit from utilizing natural handmade soaps.

Reasons Why Natural Soap Is Better For Your Skin

1. Natural Soaps Are Excellent Moisturizing Agents

A by-product that is used in making natural soap is glycerine. Glycerine is an excellent skin moisturizer. It is known as an emollient that helps with softening the skin and humectant due to its ability to draw moisture to the skin. An excellent example of natural soap that you can try is Manuka oil soap. Commercially made soaps are generally made to remove glycerine. The glycerine which is extracted is then used for making other products like lotion and creams. Soaps that don’t contain glycerine usually dries out the skin and can lead to excessive itching.

2. Natural Soaps Have Healthier Ingredients

Soaps that are generated through bulk distribution normally contain synthetic components and ingredients which is relatively cost-effective to generate in a lab. However, these artificial colorants, fragrances and other ingredients can have an adverse effect on your reproductive, endocrine, immune and respiratory systems. Not to mention the influence they have on your skin. Handmade soaps are created from using natural ingredients for example, olive oil, grass-fed tallow and shea butter that are natural nourishers and are gentle to your skin.

3. Natural Soaps Are One Of A Kind

Soaps that are commercial or store-bought are mass-produced in factories or plants that emphasize on profits, which is not beneficial to the average person, and all of them look and smell the same. Natural ingredients are dissimilar due to their growing environments and conditions. Take a look at goat’s milk soaps, since it’s made from all-natural and organic ingredients, it’s safe to use even for the most delicate and sensitive skins. Natural soaps like the goat’s milk soaps used all raw ingredients. This can influence the harvest, which means handmade soaps are unique in texture, scent, the way they lather, and how they feel.


The essential process that is involved in creating natural soaps is rather unique and not the same as store-bought produced soaps. When you consider natural soap, it’s more about the quality that you get, rather than quantity. Handmade soaps flood your senses with their aromatic scents, moisturize your skin and offer you with a healthy alternative that is great for your skin.