Things You Should Know Before Giving CBD to Your Dog

With everyone across the world accepting the multitude of benefits of CBD, its popularity is skyrocketing. And guess what? It’s not only the humans that are enjoying the benefits of its incredible therapeutic efficacy. In fact, dogs are also benefiting from this natural ingredient.

Although the research is still in its preliminary stages, a series of anecdotal evidence confirms its benefits in dogs. For instance, it helps dogs through its anti-anxiety, anti-nausea action. Besides that, it’s also helpful in improving appetite, joint health, and shiny coat.


It binds to the dog’s endocannabinoid receptors and produces homeostasis. Thus, it helps in maintaining normal bodily functions, and eventually, overall health. But with so many CBD products online, there are some things that you must be aware of to avoid purchasing any low-grade products for your beloved furry friend.

This article will cover all the essential aspects that you must consider before buying CBD for your dog.

Look For The Certificate of Analysis

You must always steer clear of the products that don’t provide you with COA on the label. So, only buy from the source that includes lab test results. Remember, your dog’s health is of utmost importance. So, if you are purchasing CBD for any health condition like anxiety, allergies, arthritis, or cushings in dogs, you must ensure the quality of the product. Only then will it be helpful to manage your dog’s health condition.

Ideally, your CBD product must never contain any THC. The lab-tested CBD products won’t have any heavy metals, pesticides, or harmful microbes that can interfere with the health of your pooch.

Check The Dosage

Remember, the FDA does not regulate the dosage. So, it would be best if you ask your vet about the CBD and its dosage. You must know that different dogs require different dosages of CBD oil to work at the best of their potential.

For now, many vets suggest starting low and gradually increasing the dosage after monitoring the reactions. As per a study, scientists often suggest opting for 2mg/kg of CBD dosage for better efficacy and results.

Choose The Right CBD Category

When it comes to CBD oil, you’ll find ideally three types of products: Full-spectrum, Broad spectrum, and isolates. Experts advise opting for the ones that contain high CBD content since it’s beneficial for dogs. But never limit yourself to isolates since they won’t contain other necessary cannabinoids that are also beneficial for dogs.

Why? Because CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically. And this entourage effect increases the efficacy of the product multiple times. Isn’t that what you want to relieve your dog’s irritating symptoms?

Wrapping Up

CBD oil is an excellent alternative if you wish to take care of your dog’s health. Not only will it be helpful to relieve the occasional pains and inflammation, but it will also be beneficial in case your dog is suffering from any debilitating condition.

All you have to do is consult your vet, find the right product for your pooch, give the correct dosage, and you are good to go.