Things You Need to Know About Using Marijuana in Maryland

Close to the home-seat capital of the country, Maryland is one of the most vibrant states to visit with places to visit like the Fort McHenry National Monument, Ocean City, and the Antietam National Battlefield.

America in Miniature is also one of the proponents who has recently legalized the use of medical marijuana for its medicinal properties. Nonetheless, cannabis use is strictly regulated with government agencies overseeing the populace to prevent the spurt of addiction cases.

Having a medical marijuana card in Maryland allows you to carry and consume the allowed amounts without being apprehended and brought to court. This move is one big step for the state as the substance is seen to be a cure-all panacea for most of the maladies we have.

Changing the outlook of Maryland towards marijuana

Cannabis, the substance strongly associated with the 60s and 70s hippy lifestyle, is slowly being swept by the winds of change because of its medicinal properties. California was the first state to consider marijuana for its value, and several states followed suit.

Maryland is one of the very first states to legalize the substance which facts based on medical necessity and via research trials. Decriminalization of marijuana was first advocated during the term of Baltimore City mayor Kurt Schmoke during the 1980s.

It was proposed during those times that such a stance was a better solution to what was then considered as War on Drugs. Nonetheless, such proposition sparked a national uproar, and scientific research paved the way for the legalization of the substance in the later years.

Nowadays, possessing the right amounts of cannabis and having a medical marijuana card in Maryland does not constitute criminal and felony charges. Having such medical privilege is one of the keys to preventing entanglements with authorities.

Medical marijuana eligibilities in the State of Maryland

The state owns the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, which actively regulates the approval of the MMCC privilege. Permission and recommendations for medical marijuana permits are only given to select people, including:

  • Patients suffering from a chronic or debilitating medical condition and those who are admitted to a recognized hospice or are having a palliative care service.
  • Patients diagnosed with severe medical conditions where traditional medical treatments have become ineffective and where cannabis is the only substance to relieve symptoms.
  • PTSD and glaucoma are among the list of diseases treatable with medical cannabis.
  • Patients are suffering the symptoms of an existing medical condition, including muscle spasms, seizures, anorexia, and wasting syndrome, can acquire their permits for medical cannabis.

Getting your marijuana card in Maryland

There are several ways to get your medical marijuana permit in Maryland, but one of the most reliable methods is via an online application.

The first step to getting your cannabis card is setting an appointment with your attending physician to evaluate an existing ailment. Several physical conditions allow a prescription for cannabis. This includes neurodegenerative diseases, HIV, chronic pains, and some musculoskeletal ailments.

Gathering all the required paperwork and registering as a new patient for a Maryland Medical Cannabis Card (MMCC) will allow you to acquire the needed doses of medical-grade cannabis. There are several dispensaries certified by local Maryland administration, and the only places you can obtain your supplies.