The Truth About Anabolic Steroids and Its Relation to Health And Fitness

It is becoming the normal way of life, being reasonably fit, eating an almost nutritious diet apart from those Friday nights it’s been a long week takeouts, and taking care of our all-round well-being. Why then if we follow all these simple steps do we still not look like those chiseled, bronzed, and uber fit-looking gym-goers we see on a weekly trip to the fitness center?

Have we not put in the hours, eaten enough salad leaves to put a tree to shame, and run around the block so many times our neighbors are beginning to worry? You may well have, and I’m sure you are looking fitter than most, but to achieve those centerfold looking abs and shoulders you are going to have to take it that one step further.

You need help, from the professionals, from experienced users, and all this will do well to go hand in hand with a medical practitioner at your side guiding you along the way. You need what is known in the fitness industry as anabolic steroids.

It can be quite in-depth and technical if that is your thing in which you can sit with your cup of tea and read about it in this link. Essentially it is a replica of the hormones naturally found in our body called testosterone.

Two main features occur when there is sufficient and well-produced testosterone in the body, the first being the promotion of muscle and building the muscles in the body, and the second the male characteristics we associate with men such as deeper voices and facial hair.

When athletes or any person uses the drugs, it is usually a synthetic modification of the hormone to improve and boost performance. While it doesn’t increase your ability or skills in your respective disciplines as great as that would be, it does aid in the decrease of the breakdown of the muscle cells during workouts and increasing the recovery times.

Your body and muscles while being pushed and pulled to their extremes can be repaired in shorter turn-around time and thus allowing you to hit the gym sooner and train longer and harder. Having that added edge to your fitness program will give you that advantage so sought after by those wanting to be the best of the best.

5 benefits of steroids

  • Endurance. You can push through the pain, add those extra weights to the bar, and be in the gym longer than the average person. You have the ability when using steroids to run that little bit faster, hold on tighter, and carry on for more than you would normally to achieve your goals.

  • Lean muscle. The skin is thinned, the water retention is lowered, and the overall body fat percentage is significantly reduced. You’re building muscles, and with the fat layer on the skin at its leanest, the definition is soon seen and increases the motivation to carry on.

There are many reasons and advantages to using synthetic drugs and being on a steroid cycle, you can read this blog on steroids being beneficial in your fitness journey and see how others have found the experience, how it has changed their lives, and how they handle the ups and downs of the process.

  • Cosmetic. This is a quicker, non-surgical method to achieving the appearance you deem to be the best version of yourself, no slicing and dicing to make the muscles show or cutting pieces out the be leaner. It isn’t without commitment, but it is a more achievable goal.

  • Competitive. Especially for those within the bodybuilding and weightlifting industry, having all the help you can get whether it be from 100 hours a week in the gym or by a little pill in a bottle, this can make or break the goal of standing on the no.1 podium spot above the rest.

  • Occupation. Some lines of work require brute strength above all else, those in security, the military, or even construction workers sometimes use steroids to help with this need. They are physically pushed each day and need to recover quicker whilst still retaining top performance ability.

The best steroid available

This is a tricky question and it all comes down to preference and the effects the various brands and methods have on individuals, how will the body react to and absorb the drug and is it best suited to you and your goals?

To find out more about which synthetic drug aids which feature, check out for a browse into what’s available on the market and the various options suited to your goal that you may not have heard of or considered.

What may work for some could be ineffective for others, doing your homework and speaking to those in ‘the know’ is a great way to start on the right foot and begin your fitness program on a positive.