The Scientifically Proven Benefits of CBD Oil

The term CBD has been plastered on countless products on the market today. This extract can now be found in food, drinks, supplements, beauty products, medicines, and ointments. It is a huge proof that the CBD industry has a huge following and a thriving market of CBD oil.

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a hemp extract sold by suppliers in which they claim it is capable of treating numerous health issues and diseases. To name a few, there are CBD tinctures available to cure obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and nicotine addiction. If all these are true, CBD is quite a powerful elixir that is needed and important to individuals who suffer daily because of their conditions.

Of all these claims, which are the ones that are already backed up by Science? For some people, it is a big deal to use an alternative medicine that includes cannabis. That is why it is important to make sure that every claim they said is true. It is to check if ingredients are safe for human consumption and to find the best CBD oil for your specific condition.

To help you with this, here are some CBD oil benefits that are proven by Science and Research:

CBD Oil Improves Heart Health

If your family’s health history includes heart attack and stroke, it is best to take preventive measures and to take care of your heart health as early as possible. Associated with a stroke are high blood pressure and hypertension. To avoid these medical situations, you must have a healthy diet that lowers your blood pressure.

Aside from that, the use of CBD oil is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of a heart attack. In 2013, a study has been conducted to prove the beneficial effects of CBD in cardiovascular health. It has verified that CBD is capable of preventing vascular damage and enhancing the overall health of the heart.

CBD Oil Can Reduce Epileptic Symptoms

In another study made by Emilio Perucca (2017), CBD oils have aided in preventing epileptic seizures. It is proven to be anti-convulsant when tried on animals in the laboratory.

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) has already approved two types of medicines that contain CBD extracts. These are primarily used in controlling seizures, most especially among children. Moreover, the components of CBD infused medicines create less adverse side effects than other anti-seizure medicines sold in pharmacies.

CBD Oil Can Prevent and Cure Acne

A lot of people are very conscious about acne. You cannot blame them, because a person’s face is the first thing people notice and recognize.

Having too much sebum or oils on the face clogs the pores until they get inflamed. These inflamed pores eventually turn into blackheads and pimples. To avoid this kind of situation, you can use CBD oil that has anti-inflammatory properties.

More often than not, you can acquire acne through bacteria, dirt, and germs that you pass on from your hand to your face. To prevent getting unwanted facial acne in the future, you can use antibacterial products like CDB oil. It is also scientifically proven to have antibacterial and antifungal components.

However, acne can also be a result of stress, genetics, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, and lack of proper hygiene. It is best to know what causes your acne before looking into topical solutions.

CBD Oil Can Reduce Anxiety and Depression

After conducting clinical studies with laboratory animals, CBD oil was proven to lower the symptoms and effects of anxiety disorders, as well as depression. This is associated with its properties that alter serotonin levels in a person’s nervous system.

Aside from anxiety, it is also scientifically observed that CBD users with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were treated from re-experiencing traumatic memories and insomnia. CBD has been a factor in the process of traumatic memory replacement and erasure.


The search for the best alternative medicine is still on. Though there have been numerous first-hand reports about the efficacy of CBD, more clinical research is still needed to show significant effects on humans.

It is best to research first about a brand’s CBD tincture first before buying and consuming the product. Also, it is important to know about the side effects of using CBD and how it can drastically change your body and health.

If you are using CBD to treat a certain medical condition, it is recommended to consult a physician before using CBD oils. To know more about CBD, you can read online journals and news shared on the web.