The Mushroom Boom: Fungi offers Versatility and Health Benefits

Even a few decades ago, people didn’t appreciate the wonder that is fungi. Mushrooms are much appreciated in ayurveda and chinese medicine. These ancient healers understood how vital mushrooms are for good health.

The ancient people went through a lot of trial and error to find which mushrooms are edible. Things are easier for us now. The various fungi are well known, widely available and a click of some buttons away.

Mushroom brings versatility to our diet. If you are planning on creating a healthier diet plan, never leave out mushrooms. Sadly, people only stick to the popular ones like button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, etc.

Check out the health benefits of these lesser known fungi that offers versatility to our diet.


If you like East Asian food, then you have certainly encountered shiitake mushroom. Shiitake has a distinct savory taste. But, tasting good isn’t the only thing shiitake is good at.

Ancient east asians added this delicacy to their diet not just because of its taste but also for its health benefits.

Shiitake is a superfood with many vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of B2 needed for growth and vitamin B5 required for healthy organs and good metabolism.

Like most mushrooms, shiitake helps build your immunity system. It helps you prevent health disease and growth of cancer cells.

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Maitake mushrooms look like the disturbing growth at the base of a tree. But don’t let its external look scare you.

Maitake is another import from japan that is gaining popularity worldwide. These wild looking fungi have a very earthy, spicy taste people adore. They are an excellent addition to many savory dishes.

Maitake also happens to be excellent for your body. Like many mushrooms, it is very rich in minerals.

These low calorie food is a source of vitamin C and B. It enhances your immune system and helps you fight heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer!

Add these feathery superfood to your diet plan for good health. If you are looking for maitake mushroom recipes click here.

Siberian Chaga

If you directly see Siberian Chaga, you will doubt if it can be consumed. This medicinal mushroom is taken as a supplement to promote health.

You can also find Chaga teas online. These teas are consumed for the heavy dosage of antioxidants they provide. It is a defender against cancer. Some research has shown that it can even kill cancer cells!

Having Chaga has a great impact on your immune system. It activates the white blood cells to work better to combat bacteria. It helps stave off or heal the body from viral flus.

If you are victim of inflammation, Chaga can help prevent the production of inflammation causing elements. It also lowers cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy.


We often resort to medicine when it comes to fighting depression and fatigue. Make a natural choice and opt for Reishi. This medicinal mushroom helps with numerous health problems.

Research has shown that Reishi helps your overall wellbeing. It helps recover your body from being worn out due to stress or after a period of ill health.

Monitored intake of reishi can help prevent anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping, this fungi can also help you sleep. Opt for a natural solution instead of taking antidepressants, sedatives etc.

It provides immunity against heart disease by reducing bad fats and increasing good cholesterol. It can help regulate your blood sugar and provide you with antioxidants to fight cancer cells from forming.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is used in many parts of Asia, both as a food and as a medicinal supplement. It may look like a tiny white spitz, but this fluffy fungi provides multiple health benefits.

The taste of this fungi is often compared to seafood. Hence, people often pair it with seafood while cooking it(Check out this delicious Lion’s Mane Crab Cake Recipe!).

Lion’s Mane works wonders on your brain and nervous system. Research has shown that lion’s mane helps brain cell regeneration in animals. Its aids functions of hippocampus, which can explain its anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties.

As it helps heal brain cells and promotes nerve growth, it can protect you against degenerative brain diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.


For those who don’t know what Cordyceps are, stay calm until you understand the beneficial properties of this fungi.

Yes, it is a parasite fungi that forms on caterpillars. You might ask why anyone will consume such a thing. It might sound disgusting but it provides immense health benefits.

Ancient chinese healers have used this fungi to cure numerous health problems. For starters, it can slow down aging. Research has shown that it provides antioxidants that help fight cell damage from free radicals.

It can also slow down the growth of tumors. It has shown promising results in reversing ill effects of cancer. It can also help improve physical performance, manage diabetes, decrease inflammation, promote heart and kidney health.

Final Thoughts

For a healthier lifestyle, mushrooms are a great addition to your diet. Both as a food and as a natural medicine, their benefits are versatile. They often look scary but the kind of healing properties they have are unparalleled.

With various superfood available in the market, mushrooms are quite high on the list regarding their nutritional value.

Many are low in calories and great defense against heart disease and diabetes. Almost all are filled with antioxidants and cancer fighting elements.

If you choose to dive into the healthier lifestyle, do not ignore fungi. The ancients healers stand by their benefits. Some of these mushrooms may seem unorthodox but they can provide years of good health.