The Many Uses of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla, also called Indian Gooseberry, is considered one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. The tree of the Amla is native to India, but it is now commercially planted and cultivated in several parts of Asia and the Middle East.

A lot of people describe the fruit’s taste as extremely sour and bitter, making it almost inedible if eaten raw. Its strong taste led to the creation of the Amla powder, an organic product that reduces the fruit’s bitter taste while also enabling it to be mixed with water or any liquid to create Amla juice or smoothie.

In addition to Amla powder, there are Amla capsules that are perfect for those who don’t like the taste of the fruit, and there is also Amla oil, which can be applied to the skin and the scalp.

There are a few reasons why people spent time creating different products for the fruit, and most of these reasons are related to health. Researchers have discovered that Amla is abundant in antioxidants, which provide several benefits for the human body. Besides its antioxidants, the Indian Gooseberry also has several vitamins, which can improve overall health and vitality. 

Because of its nutritional density, the Amla is regarded as a superfood. In addition, out of all the superfoods, Amla is said to have the highest amount of antioxidants.


Along with the antioxidants found in Amla, the fruit has plenty of benefits to prevent or control specific complications in the human body, and here are some of them.

Has Antioxidants to Prevent Cancer

Amla is rich in antioxidants that can protect and repair cells from damage. There are several factors as to why our body’s cells are deteriorating and weakening, but the leading cause of these damages is the free radicals.

Too much of these free radicals in the body can destroy the membranes of cells, making them very fragile and prone to being infected by pathogens or microorganisms. Prolonged cell damage can often lead to many diseases, including cancer.

While free radicals are almost everywhere, since it comes from pollution and also naturally formed during cell metabolisms, the antioxidants found in Amla will be able to control the number of free radicals in your body.

Acts as a Natural Laxative

For people who are suffering from indigestion or constipation, it is said that drinking Amla juice or eating Amla powder can help ease pain and control the level of their stomach acids.

Amla has laxative properties that can help stimulate gastric juice secretion in the stomach that can regularize bowel movement. Along with acting as a natural laxative, Amla can also enhance your body’s nutrient absorption from consuming food.

Improves Eye Health

The Indian Gooseberry is rich in carotene that is known to prevent eye-related diseases or disorders like cataracts or glaucoma from developing.

Carotene can also reduce the tension in the intraocular part of your eye, which can improve your eyesight. Along with carotene, Amla also has Vitamin C, which prevents the eye’s retina from deteriorating as it enhances the retinal cell’s functions.

Prevents Hair Loss

Because of the abundance of antioxidants and iron in the Indian Gooseberry, the fruit can prevent not only the graying of your hair but also the loss of hair in your scalp.

Although it is not precisely clear why our hair is turning gray or why some of us are suffering from hair loss, several studies have shown these problems are caused by the lack of vitamins and iron in our hair. Since the Amla is rich in iron, it can help prevent hair from graying prematurely, and it can also stop the causes for hair loss.

Along with prevents premature graying and hair loss, Amla can also reduce your scalp’s overproduction of dandruff, which is typically caused by a fungus called Malassezia that is consuming the excessive oils in your scalp. By using Amla, the amount of oil in your hair will be controlled better, preventing the fungus from surviving longer in your scalp.

People often mix Amla powder, Shikakai powder, and water to create a paste that can be applied to the scalp. The combined nutrients found in Amla and Shikakai can further strengthen the benefits they give to your hair.

Has Anti-Aging Properties

Amla’s antioxidants prevent skin cells from being damaged by free radicals. Moreover, Amla can keep your skin hydrated once you apply it directly.

You can create a natural face mask by mixing two teaspoons of Amla powder with hot water, a teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of unflavored yogurt. After applying, leave the mask on your face for 15-25 better results.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Amla contains chromium, an element needed to make the insulin shots more effective and responsive for people with diabetes. The insulin will then be able to reduce the level of their body’s blood sugar.

Also, the Indian Gooseberry prevents the pancreas from becoming inflamed, causing pancreatitis. This disease damages cells that naturally secrete insulin, which can result in high levels of blood sugar in the body.

The fruit does wonders for people with diabetes as it prevents a lot of complications that can worsen the symptoms of the disease.

Because of the many benefits of consuming or using the Indian Gooseberry, it is deemed by many as a gift of nature. Thanks to the vast cultivation of the fruit, the nourishing Amla is now available in almost all corners of the world.