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The Green Nut Gets a Nutrition Makeover

The Green Nut Gets a Nutrition MakeoverIn the world of nuts, pistachios are largely regarded as being the lowest-fat and calorie option per 1 oz serving. One ounce of pistachios equates to 49 kernels (more than any other 1 oz nut serving) and has 160 calories, 13 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber.

A new study presented this month at the Experimental Biology conference in Washington, DC demonstrated that pistachios might be even lower in fat and calories than previously thought.

In the experiment – conducted by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service – 16 healthy adults were fed pistachios as part of a controlled diet. The amount of energy they excreted during the study timeframe was calculated, and showed that the calories absorbed from a 1-oz (30 gram) serving was actually 5.9% less than previous calculations believed.

What does this mean? It indicates that fat from nuts – and in turn, the calories from that fat in those nuts – may not be so well absorbed in the GI tract, yielding a reduced caloric load.

It also means that you are probably going to see more of a push by the pistachio people to include nuts as part of a well-balanced diet for weight loss and weight management.

To learn more about pistachios, check out the Western Pistachio Association’s website at

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