The best ways to stay mentally and physically active at home

This ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is affecting a ton of people’s daily schedule, and while at first the lockdown life has been manageable, after a month or two stuck indoors it can become damaging to your wellbeing if not adopting at least somewhat of a normal schedule.

Getting a bit tired and irritable due to being stuck in doors during the COVID-19 pandemic? Looking for ways to stay active and productive while at home? We’ve compiled a short list of some different ways to stay mentally and physically active during lockdown that you might want to consider.


It doesn’t work for everyone, but taking some time to yourself to think at the start of each day can be a great way of clearing your thoughts and focusing in. There are a ton of free apps available to you help you with this sort of think, such as Headspace, for example, and if you’ve never tried it before, there’s no better time than now when thinking about ways to maintain your mental wellbeing.

 Physical Activity

It can be easy to fall into a rut physically and put on a couple of pounds during lockdown when you can’t go and exercise in the normal ways, such as going to the gym, for example. Not only that, but when you’re going to and from work normally, you’ll exercise more than you realise. Try to substitute this with any physical activity you can do from the comfort of your own home, whether that’s going on an exercise bike or treadmill (if you have them available), or if you don’t have any equipment just making do and doing some online classes perhaps.

Tip – Depending on where you are in the world currently, government’s may have advised that you can leave your home for exercise for a set time period each day. If this is the case, going on that regular walk or run can be a much-needed way of taking in the required sunlight that your body needs, and also getting in some fresh air and a break from the same four walls. Providing you follow the recommended precautions and keep your distance from others getting their own fresh air, this can be a great change of pace from the dullness of quarantine, and if you haven’t been doing it regularly you’ll be surprised how much better you might feel after a quick stroll or jog.

Staying productive financially

With businesses and companies adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a difficult time financially for the best of us, and so if you’re wanting to stay productive and on top of things as much as possible, you should think about your finances, and making some savings where possible to ensure you’ve got a bit of a monetary buffer.

If you have capital available, and want to look into investing now that you have some spare time on your hands, it’s easier than ever. Not only are there a vast number of apps and software available to help you get started and learning about the property market through small stock and share investments, but if you’re looking to put your money into something that’s a little bit more long-term, companies like RWinvest even offer remote packages for looking into property investment.

A robust schedule

It might sound stupid if you’re not going anywhere, but making a point of getting up at a certain point and going to bed at a certain time (at least during the weekdays) is crucial for staying on top of your health and your mental wellbeing. It can be easy when you have no outstanding work commitments to stay in bed till the afternoon or lounge around all day without doing very much at all, and while that should be allowed every once in a while, you need to have some sort of plan that you can stick to. This way, you’ll ensure that you stay fulfilled and better about each day.