The Best Health And Beauty Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

If you haven’t completed your Christmas shopping yet, it’s high time that you do. With less than ten days before the big day, you only have a few time to score some great discounts like authentic watches with Christmas parties and get-togethers going all around. If you’re still deciding what to give, you’ve come to the right article.

Before we list down the best beauty and health items you can get your family and friends, let’s premise this article by acknowledging that sometimes, beauty gifts don’t work. Or won’t work for the specific person you’re going to give it to. That’s why it’s important to choose gifts that aren’t generic and run-of-the-mill. It needs to have your personal touch, insider knowledge of the person who’s going to get it if you will. And if you are planning to give jewelry as a gift, make sure to read these interesting facts about jewelry and use them as your guide. 


To jumpstart their health journey, a smartwatch is a perfect gift for anyone – from millennials to senior citizens. People of all sorts of ages love to have new shiny things, and if that new shiny thing will improve how they live their lives? All the better. You don’t need to spend more than $500 for a great smartwatch, as you can get bargain prices if you know where to look.

The Apple Watch is in a class of its own among the bunch. If you have the money to get it, go ahead. It’s the perfect gift for your mother or father, even your little sister or brother. They will have fun completing the activities rings, and it will turn their sedentary lifestyles into an active one. If you can’t afford the Apple-made smartwatch, options from Pebble and Garmin are excellent choices as well. If you’re scrimping, no-name Chinese brands that have heart rate monitoring and the basic smartwatch features are viable options.

Gym Membership

Ah, the classic. Getting your loved one a gym membership is like getting them something they need to invest in. It’s a noble gift, but remember that you don’t hold their will to go to the gym. So skip gifting 1-year membership and opt for shorter terms, like three months.

Ensure that the gym you’re getting the membership from is located strategically near the recipient’s home so that they don’t have a reason not to use the membership. Half of the process of going to the gym is getting to it, so ensuring the gym’s location is ideal is as important as the membership itself.

Korean Skin Care Set

The Korean skincare phenomenon is showing no signs of stopping. And for a good reason. The Korean beauty industry is 12 years ahead of technology when compared with the Western world. Its products are gentler and more streamlined in processing than most in the industry. Get your loved one a set now, and you won’t regret it.

A Set Of Healing Oils And Ointments

This set is perfect for working individuals. Trust us when we say that ointments and oils are a necessity for sedentary lifestyles. Get a set from a spa, as they’re generally cheaper and is more specific in their product research. They also have the best selections, and they can direct you to their suppliers if you’re looking for something a bit more specific.

Lavender-scented oils and ointments for muscle pain is always a great choice, while peppermint is an all-around safe bet. Choose ointments by their benefits, but mind their overall scent, when applied, as well. Some studies point out that people get well with the scent of a healing ointment as much as its supposed benefits.


Health and beauty gifts don’t need to be generic. They can be the most fun gifts of the bunch. You need to be creative in choosing the right gifts. Make sure to know the person you are giving it to as well because this makes quite the difference. Enjoy your shopping and have a wonderful holiday!