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The Best Diets of 2014

The Best Diets of 2014What’s the best news about US News & World Reports’ just-published Best Diets of 2014?

Refreshingly, the winners aren’t obnoxious, high-priced fad diets – instead, they’re sensible, realistic ways of eating that show real results.

As they have done for the past 4 years, US News & World Report evaluated 32 popular diets, surveying nutrition experts, ranking their results, and deciding which ones were the “best” diets.

The “Best Overall” diets are:

#1 – The DASH Diet
#2 – The TLC Diet

Haven’t heard of either? Well, your taxes paid for the research that funded both of them!

Both the DASH and TLC diets were born out of government research studies that recommend these eating plans designed to lower blood pressure and heart disease risk, respectively.

Don’t care about health but just want to lose weight? According to US News and their experts, the “Best Weight Loss” diets are:

#1 – Weight Watchers
#2 – The Biggest Loser tied with Jenny Craig tied with a Raw Food Diet

So what do the best of the best all have in common?

  • They emphasize eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and high fiber foods
  • They recommend less reliance on packaged, processed, and refined foods
  • Exercise is acknowledged as an important component of weight loss and weight management
  • You don’t have to buy fancy foods or supplements on these plans – cooking at home does a body good!

For more detail on the “Best Overall” category winners, check out this site. And for a full listing of all category winners, click here.

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