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The Amazing Health Benefits of the Jambolan or Jamblang fruit (Syzygiumcumini)

Various colors of the jamun fruit

The Jambolan or Jamblang fruit (Syzygiumcumini) is known by several different names. Some call it a black plum, an Indian blackberry, java plum, rose apple, or jamun. There are several other names for the fruit as well, though these seem to be the most common ones.

The fruit of the Jambolan tree is quite delicious; in addition to this, it’s also a very healthy choice. In fact, the seeds, leaves, and bark of the tree are also quite beneficial, even being used to make medicine.

It’s widely believed that the Jambolan fruit and its related components can help to control blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the symptoms of diabetes. However, there’s a lot more to the health benefit profile of this fruit, so let’s discuss this further below:

Heart Diseases

If someone is suffering from hypertension, a problematic lipid profile, or similar issues, the jamun fruit could be useful. Along with other parts of its plant, the jamun fruit could help to rescue such conditions and even give us some extra heart protection.

Since heart issues are usually linked to oxidative stress in the body, consuming jamuns will be beneficial here. These fruits help to rescue oxidative stress by providing antioxidants. Plus, using extracts of the jamun fruit can help in enhancing the health of cardiac cells by reducing damage from free radicals.

Peptic Ulcers

The jamun fruit also has properties that provide protection for the gut. This is because it contains tannins, which can repair the damage caused to the gut. The medicines we take throughout our lives can have an adverse effect on the gut in the long run, but the tannins in jamun fruits have been known to combat this and enhance gut health.

Drugs and medicine also give rise to gastric damage, free radical, and several other issues. With the antioxidant activities of jamuns, we can hope to fight off this damage as well. Extracts of the fruit also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which also staves off issues like ulcers. It basically helps in restoring the essential mucus lining of our stomach, thus increasing the body’s petition against the acids, chemicals, and medications in our daily intake.

Liver Protection

The antioxidant properties of jamuns are also effective in repairing liver damage. When our internal systems are excessively exposed to drugs, infections, and toxins, this can result in an impaired structure and function of the major organs. Liver enzyme levels increase, while blood sugar levels rise due to the increase in glycogen. The latter is stored in our liver, which again makes this a liver-related issue.

Luckily, it seems like jamun extract can help to reduce blood sugar levels as well as liver enzymes. It can hence help in restoring the structure and function of this organ. Taking jamuns as a liver tonic can help to prevent it from hardening due to toxic agents and combat the oxidative stress in this area. However, a low dosage of this fruit’s extract might not give a proper liver protection result. We do need more research and more trials in this department, but the reports so far are quite heartening.


The jamun fruit and several components of its plants are believed to have many benefits for people with diabetes. However, before you begin to use any of these for blood sugar or diabetes treatment, it’s important to understand that the jamun does interact with anti-diabetic medication. If someone is taking certain drugs for treating diabetes, they need to consult their doctor before starting on any treatment with jamun. For instance, jamun extract can lower blood sugar levels quite effectively. If we’re taking anti-diabetic medication at the same time, their interaction might result in a very low blood sugar, even hypoglycemia.

Jamun leaves can also be very useful for regulating blood sugar levels, especially when boiled with fenugreek seeds and leaves from the neem tree. Again, it’s important to consult a doctor beforehand.

The seeds of the jamun fruit are widely used in India and several other countries for treating Type 2 diabetes. The bark and leaves are also helpful in such cases. There’s also a study involving rats that showed how jamun extract can help in reducing high blood sugar. This is due to an active compound in the fruit that works like an anti-diabetic medicine. The seeds lower blood sugar by increment insulin secretion or increasing insulin release, whichever is needed.

Digestive Disorders

Issues with digestion can make our lives miserable, especially if they persist in the long term or recur every few days. These include excessive gas, stomach issues, diarrhea, bowel spasms, etc. Since jamuns can help to repair the mucus lining in our stomach, it can help to boost the digestive system. With this improvement, we’d hopefully find our digestive problems becoming a thing of the past.

When combined with certain herbs, the jamun seed is also used for treating constipation, certain pancreas diseases, nervous disorders, stomach problems, etc.

Lung Issues

There’s not much evidence for this, but some people say that consuming jamuns helped to combat their lung issues. These include problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. We do need more research for this sort of treatment, but it won’t hurt to try it with such patients as long as a dependable doctor is on board with it.

Other Uses

Along with the health issues we’ve discussed so far, the jamun is also used for various other ailments. These include a topical application for treating inflammation and skin ulcers, an aphrodisiac, and even a treatment for exhaustion and depression. The pulp may also be applied to the throat if we experience swelling there. While there might not be any definite scientific evidence to support such uses, there are some positive experiences reported especially when the jamun is used in combination with other herbs.


While the Jambolan fruit or jamun has several great health benefits, it still needs to be used in a proper manner and with some expert guidance. Since there are many precautions to take while using jamun for any health issue, we should consult a doctor before starting on this fruit in any form. Still, the benefits of the Jambolan or jamun fruit are not to be ignored. If you have any of the above conditions, it might be worth getting the fruit of this tree (or any of its other compensations) and giving natural medicine a try.

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